Climate Compensation for Oceania

A flight from Europe to New Zealand emits around 16,000 kg (!) of C02 into the atmosphere per passenger.  To help bind at least a portion of these emissions, Umfulana is participating in the "Trees for Travellers" project.

For each contributing client, we purchase a native New Zealand tree which is planted on a large reserve near Kaikoura. Each client receives an ECard indicating the registration number and GPS location of "their" tree along with a picture of the type of tree planted.

Before the deforestation of the land around Kaikoura, first by the Maori and then the Europeans, the region was densely covered by a mixed woodland which included huge totara trees. The Trees for Travellers plantation is designed to recreate as closely as possible the composition of the original forest over the next few decades.

The township of Kaikoura, which owns the reserves set aside for the plantations, guarantees that the trees will be allowed to grow and thrive. The cost of a heritage tree is NZD 40.00 (about € 20.00). We would ask all travellers to New Zealand and Australia to make a contribution of € 10.00 per person; Umfulana will cover the rest. Due to the fact that the planting season is from May to October, the trees may not be planted until after the particular trip in some cases.

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