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Below you will find a selection of testimonials submitted by our clients following their tour with Umfulana.
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Germany Tour: Robert

This is the third time we have had Umfulana organise our travel to Europe. The hotels selected and the itinerary are well presented and well organised. I like the extra information that is included in the pack, like where to buy a postage stamp. We hire a car, so info about road signs is essential and we greatly appreciate it being included. We will certainly go for a fourth trip and will not hesitate to have Umfulana do the bookings!!

I really can't think of much to complain about. If there is, then it is a problem with an individual hotel's policy and not a fault with Umfulana organisation.

I will include a couple:
We stayed at Wartburg Castle, (a wonderful location) and it was a surprise to be charged for parking on their property when this was a 5 star place and there was no other way of parking the car anywhere close for free. This seems to be usual practice and can range up to 19 Euro per night. It does take the edge off enjoying a room and adds to the expense of hiring a car. When you have paid for a room it seems unfair to have to pay to park. You are also asked to pay a 'town tax' in some countries, which varies and adds substantially when parking has to be paid as well. We did stay in Denmark and they provide parking even if limited spaces are available, for free. (These accommodations were arranged by us.)

We will know next time to ask for rooms that don't look out on busy streets as it is impossible to open windows for noise.

Lastly, the Hotel in Augsburg was very pleasant, but the light rail outside was too noisy to sleep through. We also found the bed covers in Europe far too hot and the room heating too high. We turned off heating, but then could not open windows for the outside noise. It is difficult because travellers need to be in the middle of towns, so access to shops, restaurants etc. can be reached by walking and with that comes noise.

My favourite place is in Hamburg. Hotel Eilenau (free parking outside). The room we asked for is extremely quiet and large. They leave you alone but offer assistance if needed. The breakfast room is beautiful. They even gave us Christmas presents. I would highly recommend this hotel. We will certainly stay there again. The guided tour in Hamburg that had been organised by you was wonderful. A lovely knowledgable young man who gave up more time than we could ever have hoped for.

We will be back!!!!!

Susan and Robert

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Bavaria Tour: Helen Haase

We were very happy with the tour organised for us by Martin and his team. They made the organisation phase easy by being quick to respond to questions and proposals. They patiently made alterations to the proposed itinerary several times till we had arrived at a plan that met our requirements. The hotels booked for us by Umfulana were without exception delightful places to stay, each in their own way. The rooms were always comfortable and the hearty breakfasts gave a good start to the day. English language was never a limiting factor in our experience with these hotels. We had wanted a scenic and historical tour of the region, and the planned route certainly met those criteria. We travelled in autumn and were treated to some wonderful autumn colours particularly as we got into Austria and Saxony, Germany. We were glad we got to stay in the historic and beautiful town of Melk rather than the larger Vienna. The hotel staff advised us on where to drive and park so we could catch the metro train to Vienna for our day trip there.

Out of all the hotels, the one that we would rate the highest is the hotel in Prague. However we had trouble navigating in Prague as our Navi did not have Czech maps loaded and we were trying to work off printed maps. Not being able to read Czech was also a disadvantage. It took us about 2 hours to find the hotel after we entered the city, and even after finding it we could easily get lost on our first day of exploring. What a pleasure it was to finally find our way home to our lovely little hotel!

We deviated a little on the proposed route from Melk to Prague, deciding to go via Cesky Kremalov rather than the suggested longer route via Brno. I have attached some beautiful pictures from there.
We also enjoyed the beauty of the Bavarian Switzerland National Park on the Border between Saxony and Czech Republic, which we did as a day trip from Dresden.

Thank you for your help in making this experience possible for us

Germany Tour: Jose Rodrigues Parga Filho

Dear Martin,

We have just arrived from our vacation period today.

We would like personally thank you for all assistance and attention with respect to our trip to Germany. Every aspect of it was well thought and a delight. We enjoyed the hotels and all of your suggestions.

Surely we will recommend and keep Umfulana on our next vacation periods!

Kind regards,
Parga family

Germany Tour: Albina Glaz

Hi Martin,
We had a great time in Bavaria, learned some Bavarian tradition and history as well as enjoyed local food and bear. We toured palaces, museums, cathedrals; climbed towers to see spectacular views; attended organ concerts as well as listen to incredible sounds of Heidelberg church bells.

Neckar Vally and Alps were spectacular. The Falkenstein Inn located on top of a cliff with 360 degree view of the Alps, valleys and lakes was incredible as well as mountain inn in Grainau right at the foot of Zugspitze.

The itinerary you prepare for us with with tips, directions, places of special interest, etc were very usefull and essential during our trip.
Accommodations you selected for us were perfect with high quality and great hospitality.
Inns/hotels you arranged for us in Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Augsburg, Passau and Munich were located right in heart of old part of each City with walking distances everywhere so we could enjoy the beauty and dynamics of old towns without hassle of driving or looking for parking space that as we learned, can be quite challenging.

We thank You and Umfulana for all arrangements, do-diligent work and impute so our vacation were very enjoyable and without any problem.
We strongly recommended your services.

Albina & Kaz

Germany Tour: Debbie Dennison

What an amazing trip to southern Germany we had for our 25th anniversary, thanks to all your company's efforts! I want to let people know that I am 'paying it forward' with my email address below. When I was searching for a self guided tour of Germany and found Umfulana, I didn't know anything about the company, but a lovely gentleman who'd just taken a tour included his email address for anyone interested to get more information about the locations he visited and how well everything worked. It put my mind at ease that this tour would be as unique and special as it appeared from the website – and it was!

We visited Munich, Fuessen, Rothenburg o.d.T, and Oberwesel. All my questions before and while booking the tour were quickly answered and the information was so helpful to book the tour we wanted to take.

We enjoyed staying a little outside Munich (very easy to get there with the tram). We found a local beer garden that we enjoyed so much we went back the next day when friends from Stuttgart came to stay there as well to visit with us. They said when they lived in Munich they also used to go there and it is definitely a place for locals (Hirschgarten). Much preferred this to Hofbrauhaus where we just walked in and out as it was just too crazy.

The hotel on top of the mountain near Fuessen was amazing – the room, the owners/staff, the restaurant and the view! My husband had only briefly seen some photos of our hotels, and even with my research it still didn't prepare me for how beautiful everything was! The picture of the room didn't show the view when you open the door and even with the drizzle, it was breathtaking. The one lane road was as scary as people have written – it was very narrow, but the main thing was that you didn't know if someone would be coming the wrong way, which did happen to us a few times. But it worked out and we just loved the hotel.

Rothenburg was so much fun and loved that the hotel was very close to the town center and also had so much history. As with all the hotels, the staff were so warm and helpful. We enjoyed walking the walls and imagining how things might have been when it was first built so long ago.

We stayed 2 nights at the castle in Oberwesel and I recommend this if someone might be interested in taking a riverboat cruise, which we did. It was so lovely and relaxing. I'd always dreamed of staying in a castle and that wish came true with an amazing room and view and incredible dinners.

Thank you so much for making our anniversary trip so very special. We would absolutely work with your company again!

Debbie Dennison
North Carolina
Linderhof castle and gardens
View from mountain hotel near Fuessen
Walking the wall in Rothenburg o.d.T
Picture of the wall in Rothenburg o.d.T
Ice cream in Rothenburg!
Castle gardens in Oberwesel
Pfalz castle, seen from the riverboat cruise on the Rhein
View from the riverboat cruise - town and vineyards
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