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Below you will find a selection of testimonials submitted by our clients following their tour with Umfulana.
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Germany Tour: Debbie Dennison

What an amazing trip to southern Germany we had for our 25th anniversary, thanks to all your company's efforts! I want to let people know that I am 'paying it forward' with my email address below. When I was searching for a self guided tour of Germany and found Umfulana, I didn't know anything about the company, but a lovely gentleman who'd just taken a tour included his email address for anyone interested to get more information about the locations he visited and how well everything worked. It put my mind at ease that this tour would be as unique and special as it appeared from the website – and it was!

We visited Munich, Fuessen, Rothenburg o.d.T, and Oberwesel. All my questions before and while booking the tour were quickly answered and the information was so helpful to book the tour we wanted to take.

We enjoyed staying a little outside Munich (very easy to get there with the tram). We found a local beer garden that we enjoyed so much we went back the next day when friends from Stuttgart came to stay there as well to visit with us. They said when they lived in Munich they also used to go there and it is definitely a place for locals (Hirschgarten). Much preferred this to Hofbrauhaus where we just walked in and out as it was just too crazy.

The hotel on top of the mountain near Fuessen was amazing – the room, the owners/staff, the restaurant and the view! My husband had only briefly seen some photos of our hotels, and even with my research it still didn't prepare me for how beautiful everything was! The picture of the room didn't show the view when you open the door and even with the drizzle, it was breathtaking. The one lane road was as scary as people have written – it was very narrow, but the main thing was that you didn't know if someone would be coming the wrong way, which did happen to us a few times. But it worked out and we just loved the hotel.

Rothenburg was so much fun and loved that the hotel was very close to the town center and also had so much history. As with all the hotels, the staff were so warm and helpful. We enjoyed walking the walls and imagining how things might have been when it was first built so long ago.

We stayed 2 nights at the castle in Oberwesel and I recommend this if someone might be interested in taking a riverboat cruise, which we did. It was so lovely and relaxing. I'd always dreamed of staying in a castle and that wish came true with an amazing room and view and incredible dinners.

Thank you so much for making our anniversary trip so very special. We would absolutely work with your company again!

Debbie Dennison
North Carolina
Linderhof castle and gardens
View from mountain hotel near Fuessen
Walking the wall in Rothenburg o.d.T
Picture of the wall in Rothenburg o.d.T
Ice cream in Rothenburg!
Castle gardens in Oberwesel
Pfalz castle, seen from the riverboat cruise on the Rhein
View from the riverboat cruise - town and vineyards

Germany Tour: Debbie Dennison

Hello Martin,
Our trip was just wonderful! I will definitely put in a testimonial as everything was as unique as I'd hoped it would be from reading and seeing the photos. My husband hadn't looked too carefully at what I'd planned, and when he opened the door to the outside in Pfronten, he was absolutely amazed by the view, even with the light rain we were having. Being in the center of town in RODT was also a big bonus as we didn't have to get in our car the 2 nights we were there. And the balcony overlooking the Rhein in Oberwesel was the perfect last stop!

Only thing I might recommend is to ask if travelers would like a GPS in the car. The Skoda we got didn't have one. My husband had downloaded google maps on his phone, but sometimes it didn't seem to know what we were trying to do. However, with your directions and an actual map, we figured things out!

Every place we stayed, the owners/staff were so welcoming, even seeming happy with my rusty German after all these years! An amazing 25th anniversary trip that neither of us will ever forget. And you and your staff were so helpful throughout this planning process, I could not have asked for anything more. I've already mentioned your company on my Facebook page and would certainly want to work with you again in the future.

Thank you so much, and I will post a testimonial in the next few days.
Debbie Dennison

Germany Tour: Barbara and Stuart Brown

Hi Martin

Sorry for the delay in providing feedback on our recent driving holiday through southern Germany. Firstly I would like to say how impressed we were with your prompt and informative responses to all our enquiries. The itinerary you provided was outstanding in detailed information and useful tips. The choice of overnight stays was amazing, giving us ample opportunity to explore delightful and picturesque villages throughout our stay.

Firstly the car rental pick up at Frankfurt was smooth and we were able to drive through to Rothenburg after stopping for some sightseeing at Wurzburg. The timing was perfect. The accommodation in Rothenburg was delightful and charming and the staff could not have been more helpful. We found there was plenty to explore and lots of photo opportunities. It was very busy during the day but the evenings provided an outstanding selection of restaurants to choose from, each with its own unique character. We were very pleased to have basically two days here as it was so quaint.

The drive the next day towards Munich gave us ample time to explore other walled towns, without feeling tired from the drive. Arriving in Munich, we did have a little difficulty locating the hotel, the directions given to us seemed to be for someone arriving by train. However we got there and found that parking was available at the hotel so we were able to utilize that. The Munich accommodation was in a great location, although the rooms were small they were clean and functional. The breakfast buffet was indeed excellent. We were able to walk to most of the significant sites and also to a variety of restaurants and shops.

From Munich to Fussen, again the distance proved not too taxing, which was good, and there was plenty to see along the way. The location of Burghotel Auf dem Falkenstein did prove challenging given the weather conditions. It was a fascinating hotel, we loved the small museum and the history of the site. We did feel we were limited by it’s location, and would have liked to do more exploring in the surrounding countryside. Perhaps one night at the hotel and another in Fussen, or at Neuschwanstein itself. Staying at the latter location would give a visitor plenty of time to explore the village, museum and the castles in one day.

Heidelberg was great, such a beautiful and picturesque city. Again we found we needed to park the car outside the centre of the town so that we could get directions from the hotel as to which streets could be driven through. Once at the hotel, however, we found it to be unique, with loads of character and in a perfect position. There was plkenty of time to wander the cobblestoned streets and to explore sites as well as shops.

Kronberg was certainly a highlight of the trip and an amazing way to end our holiday. I cannot speak highly enough of this beautiful, historical site. Staying there felt like a gift. The staff were professional and considerate, the food was wonderful and just walking the grounds was a pleasure.

This was a truly wonderful holiday, I cannot speak highly enough of your level of planning, professionalism and local knowledge. We enjoyed being able to travel in an independent and flexible fashion, not being restricted to some regimented routine. The trip ran perfectly. I have already spoken highly of your company to friends and family interested in visiting Germany and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting a holiday of this nature.

Warm Regards

Barbara and Stuart Brown

Germany Tour: Milton Coalter

I was impressed with your professional care of my itinerary, your regular and helpful communication as I was planning the trip and for your choices of lovely and very accommodating places to stay. My wife and I now have wonderful memories of Germany that we will long remember because of your excellent services.

Germany Tour: R.R.

We had an outstanding trip despite a minor auto accident the first day in Oberwesel and a clutch failing on the Autobahn while going 140 the next day. Oberwesel was a great first stop and Schönburg was van exciting first stop, once you walked up the road to reception. Food was superb as was the service. Strongly suggest a KD Rhine River tour. Like a lot of this hotels, they are hard to find even with GPS and a good map. Really would be great for more detail on locating them once you get close.
Following your suggested routes between cities is strongly advised as the GPS wants to send you the shortest route which is often over boring Autobahns. Your routes are very scenic.
Cologne was a great big cities visit. Mike’s place is remarkable as is he. Just a couple of suggestions. We did not realize Mike was staying in the apartment with us and he also smokes, which was an issue for my wife with asthma. He tried not to smoke when we were around. I do not wish to offend him as he was good to us, but you might want to consider a nice way to advise clients. He is such an interesting fellow.
Rothenberg at Romantik Hotel was just plain fun. Yes, this is tourist stop but the shops, the walls and history of the city were great. Not ashamed to admit to buying a few things. Love walking along the walls and following the Night Watchman. The hotel was centrally located. Nice but not great but wonderful staff
We went to Dachau from Munich. I realize the history around the Romantikhotel "Alte Mühle" is interesting but the facility needs some updating in the rooms. Nice grounds and biergarten.
Stopped at crazy Ludvig’s on the way to Berghotel overlooking Neuschwanstein. My wife almost had a melt down on the one car road up the hill even with the green light. The weather got cold and rainy and she refused to go back down the road so we spent our time enjoying the magical views and the wild spa. I insisted on keeping my swim shorts on……there were other couples who should have done the same. The owner/chef is surely related to King Ludvig as this was the wildest set of rooms I have ever seen outside of Las Vegas. The owner is a funny guy with a great sense of humur.
I don’t know why Rick Steves dislikes Heidelberg but we loved it. Strongly recommend your clients take the train in from Schlosshotel Hirschhorn when going into town. The hotel is also hard to find but very unusual with great river views.
Finally, Schlosshotel Kronberg. Again, hard to find but clearly the most elegant hotel we have ever stayed at. We felt like characters in Dounton Abbey. Service was beyond good….it was perfect. We just stayed on the grounds that day and rested before our flight home the next day.
The level of service at each hotel was just wonderful. One suggestion I have to perhaps suggest some more modest restaurants near each hotel, as the hotel restaurant dinners tend to be heavy and expensive. Sometimes all we wanted was a light local meal.

We thank you for your help on this most marvelous trip. The countryside in Germany is just spectacular and we loved drinking it all in.

Until our next trip with you

Bob & Kathy R.
Light breakfast at Mike's in cologne
Mony Python version of Rothenberg history
Relaxing with the Falcons
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