Southwest England Tour: Don't Feed the Dogs

11 days – EUR 1,376.00 pp in dbl-room1
London, Chichester, Dartmoor-Tavistock, Land's End-Helston, Bath

This trek to the farthest reaches of England at Land's End will take you through the mysterious plains of Dartmoor, a remote, windswept marshland steeped in myths and legends of headless horsemen and demonic dogs. Sites along the way include mystifying Stonehenge.

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1st day: London

Place to relax: open fireplace in the hotel lounge
Place to relax: open fireplace in the hotel lounge
A historical music capital of the world: 1960s London
A historical music capital of the world: 1960s London
Transfer to your hotel

You can take a taxi or the public bus to the city.

Accommodation: A townhouse near Hyde Park

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The hotel with 20 comfortable rooms stands in a row of a Georgian houses in Upper Berkeley Street. The shops on Oxford Street, Hyde Park, and the Marble Arch underground station are all just a few minuteswalk away. The centerpiece of the hotel is an elegant lounge with an open fireplace. The attentive staff will be glad to assist with the planning of daily activities.

Details: London
The capital of Great Britain and the Commonwealth is one of the most vibrant and exciting metropolises on earth. The 7.5 million inhabitants within its city limits make London the largest city in the European Union. Every since it was founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago, the city on the banks of the Thames has been a cosmopolitan mix of cultures and religions. Famous landmarks include the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace among many others, not to mention such famous institutions as the British Museum, the National Gallery and Madame Tussaud's. London is also one of the music capitals of the world, offering numerous venues for every type of music from classical performances in the Royal Albert Hall to electronic trends presented in the pubs of Soho.
Map: 1st day: London

3rd day: Chichester

Registered landmark: A waterfront B&B
Registered landmark: A waterfront B&B
Unforgettable: A hike on the Isle of Wight
Unforgettable: A hike on the Isle of Wight
Rental car pick-up
Type: Ford Focus 1,6 or similar
Pick-up location: London Gatwick Airport

To Swanwick
Distance: 80 miles    Travel time: 2:00 h

Along the way you will pass Winchester, the capital of England during the early Middle Ages. The Romanesque-Norman cathedral in Winchester, the second longest church building in Europe, is worth a visit.

Accommodation: A B&B on the waterfront

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The historical landmark built in 1760 first served as a pub, as revealed by many details of the property visible even today. The inn is the only building on the waterfront and commands views that extend across the water to the church steeple of Bosham. A selection of restaurants and pubs can be found in town just a walk along the shore away. A recent renovation earned the B&B a 4-star rating.

Due to the location of the property directly on the waterfront, visitors need to be mindful of the tides: the drive leading to the house is occasionally under water. Should this be the case, the hosts will contact Umfulana.

Details: Isle of Wight
The island off the coast of England is known as the "Isle of Flowers" and the "Isle of Gardens" because of its favourable climate. It is also home to England's best vineyards. Although numerous tourists flock to the island throughout the year, those willing to explore the western part of the island on foot can still find plenty of secluded areas. The walk is worth the trouble: beautiful views of the mainland coast, where white chalk cliffs contrast with the deep-blue water, can be enjoyed from Freshwater Bay. Another amazing site are the Needles, three pillars of chalk that protrude from the sea at the western most point of the island. At the end of the row is a lighthouse. Steamboat tours around the island are a good way to enjoy the lovely panoramic views.
Map: 3rd day: Chichester

5th day: Dartmoor-Tavistock

Survived 25 monarchs: Devonshire House
Survived 25 monarchs: Devonshire House
Haunted hunting grounds: The marshes of Dartmoor
Haunted hunting grounds: The marshes of Dartmoor
Castles, cathedrals, Stonehenge
Distance: 160 miles    Travel time: 4:30 h

This leg of the tour is lined with incredible sights: the gothic cathedrals of Salisbury and Winchester, for example, are two of the most extraordinary churches in England. Near Yeovil you can visit Montacute House, one of the island's finest Elizabethan mansions. No traveller should not neglect to take a detour to Stonehenge, those world-famous remnants of an ancient, pre-Celtic culture that have forever remained a mystery.

Accommodation: A Devonshire Hall House

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
This historical hall house with a thatched roof was built around 1450 and has managed to survive 25 English monarchs and numerous wars. Today the inn is a listed heritage building (one of only 750 structures in Great Britain with the Grade II rating assigned to buildings of particular historical significance). Hosts Sheila and John will gladly offer suggestions for day trips to Dartmoor and vicinity. All three guest rooms are decorated in country style with a view of the gardens. Depending on the weather, guests can cuddle up in front of the granite fireplace or take a dip in the swimming pool.

Details: Dartmoor
This historical region in southwest England was made famous by the "Hound of the Baskervilles", a story about a demonic dog. The setting of the story was not chosen by chance; indeed, the remote moorlands around Dartmoor abound with myths about mischievous sprites called pixies, headless horsemen and roaming packs of "spectral hounds". Although the moors, rolling hills and granite cliffs of Devon seem quite pleasant when the sun is shining, the scene can quickly become dark and foreboding when fog rolls in. The remnants of past human inhabitants contribute to the eerie atmosphere: deserted mines, prehistoric menhirs and a mysterious burial site marked by over 70 stones lined up in rows represent a few examples. The former royal hunting preserve with its splendid footpaths was declared a national part in 1949.
Map: 5th day: Dartmoor-Tavistock

7th day: Land's End-Helston

Rural delight: A country house in West Cornwall
Rural delight: A country house in West Cornwall
The western tip of England: Land's End
The western tip of England: Land's End
Heaths and hedges
Distance: 60 miles    Travel time: 2:00 h

This short stretch will allow you time to experience the beauty of Cornwall on narrow, one-lane roads lined with hedges and dry-walls. No matter what roads you take, you will find plenty of sleepy villages, old churches and idyllic landscapes.

Accommodation: A country house in West Cornwall

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
A long drive leads to the 17th century Georgian estate with subtropical gardens and heated swimming pool in sunny West Cornwall. The grounds extend to the River Hayle, whose banks can be explored along a former tow-path. At night the screeches of owls are almost the only sound heard in this remote country setting. The location is perfect for excursions to the numerous attractions on LandEnd. Mount St. Michel is just down the road, as are Penzance and St. Ives with their galleries and excellent seafood restaurants.

Details: Land's End
Remarkable landscapes, subtropical parks and gardens, towering cliffs and sandy beaches are the prominent features of the southwest point of England. This region warmed by the Gulf Stream is said to have been the homeland of the legendary King Arthur, a Breton knight who led the charge against the invading Anglo-Saxons. For centuries an independent country with its own laws and language largely sustained by smuggling, the citizens of Cornwall remain stubbornly proud and independent today. Unfortunately, their language, Cornish, which was related to Welsh and Breton, was last spoken over 200 years ago. A boat ride around land's end will reveal romantic fishing villages, Mont St. MIchels, a French monastery perched on a small, rocky island, and the steep granite cliffs that mark the western tip of Great Britain. A walk to the edge of those cliffs is worthwhile.
Map: 7th day: Land's End-Helston

9th day: Bath

Home of Thomas the Tankengine: Country-House in Wiltshire
Home of Thomas the Tankengine: Country-House in Wiltshire
World Heritage Site: Bath on Avon ©M.D'Andrea Modena
World Heritage Site: Bath on Avon ©M.D'Andrea Modena
Through Sumerset
Distance: 200 Miles    Travel Time: 4:00 h

Before coming to Bristol, a modern seaport, you will pass by two famous sea baths: Clevdon and Weston with its long, sandy beach.

Accommodation: A Country-House in Wiltshire

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
Set in the Wiltshire countryside, this house is the birthplace of Reverend Awdry, a well-known pastor and children's book author. As a child he was lying awake listening to the trains in the distance, wondering what kind of conversations they might have. Many years later these childhood memories were transformed into the worldfamous stories of Thomas the Tankengine. The current owners of the house, Mike and Fran have redecorated it with the help of a designer and turned it into a cozy B&B. Many original features are still about: the oak flooring or individual pieces of furniture. Those who wants to explore the area should seek advice from Mike. Bath is only 15 minutes by car and a bus runs directly from their doorstep.

Details: Bath
The only place in England with a spa fed by a hot mineral spring also happens to be one of its most scenic towns. The baths of Bath were known even during Roman times, as evidenced by temple ruins in the area. The hilltop city experienced a resurgence in the 18th century, the period when many of the community's over 500 historical heritage buildings were constructed. The entire city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. Nearby Malmesbury is believed to be the oldest continually inhabited town in England.
Map: 9th day: Bath

11th day: London

White Horse Hills
Distance 120 miles    Travel time: 3:00 h

This leg will take you through the hills of southern England. Time should be allowed for a stop at Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world. Build on a chalk cliff overlooking the Thames, the palace has been used as the summer residence of British monarchs for over 900 years. Near Swindon a detour to the stone circles of Avebury is also worthwhile. Older than Stonehenge, the Neolithic monuments arranged in circles date back some 5,000 years.
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