Italy Tours: Tailor-Made Vacation Packages

Italy is much more than a country – Italy is a feeling, an emotion, a way of life. A place where chaos is accepted with southern nonchalance. A place steeped in culture, teeming with ancient history and overflowing with natural wonders.

Our Italy tours are designed to inspire the discerning traveller. What makes our itineraries special is the collection of unique accommodations: We use specially selected, family-run inns ranging from small wineries to exquisite palazzos. All our Italy tour packages have two things in common: They are designed to acquaint you with the country and its people and they offer good value for the money.

Below are examples of tailor-made tours of Italy. We will gladly customize a package for you, drawing on our strong knowledge of Italy derived from a wealth of personal experience.

Umfulana's Best: A luxury tour from Rome to Venice

13 days – EUR 2,175.00 pp in dbl-room1Roma, Todi, Siena, Firenze, Garda, Venezia
Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice: We have selected our best accommodation for each top destination. A perfect honeymoon tour!
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Italy Railway Tour: North Italian Cities

9 days – EUR 920.00 pp in dbl-room1Roma, Firenze, Milan, Venezia
A relaxing railway tour of Italy's premier cities: Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.
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Italy Tour: Venice, Tuscany, Rome

9 days – EUR 1,037.00 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Firenze, Siena, Roma
An ideal package for travellers who have limited time to see the highlights of Italy.
Best Travel Time:

Jewels of the North: Lake Como & Cinque Terre

11 days – EUR 1,143.43 pp in dbl-room1Milan, Cinque Terre-La Spezia, Bologna, Verona, Como
From the unsurpassed beauty of Lake Como to the culture of Milan and the culinary delights of Bologna: This tour has it all.
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Classical Cities, Captivating Landscapes: North-Central Italy

13 days – EUR 1,461.00 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Garda, Lucca, Firenze, Siena, Roma
Experience the unparalleled mixture of classical architecture and pristine nature offered by northern Italy.
Best Travel Time:

North Italy Package: The Dolomites, Cinque Terre, Tuscany

14 days – EUR 1,651.00 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Bolzano, Garda, Cinque Terre-La Spezia, Firenze, Bologna
Enjoy staggering landscapes and historical cities on a roundtrip tour from Venice that will take you from the peaks of the Dolomites to the Italian Riviera and charming Chianti country.
Best Travel Time:

Venice and Italian Alps

10 days – EUR 1,189.00 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Garda, Bolzano, Toblach
Venice being a gem among the Italian cities happens to be located close to one of the most remarkable regions of the Alps: The Dolomites. Without having to do much driving you will explore both.
Best Travel Time:


Best of Italy: From the Amalfi Coast to Venice

12 days – EUR 1,610.66 pp in dbl-room1Napoli, Sorrento, Roma, Siena, Garda, Venezia
In just five stops our favourite tour manages to cover key destinations in southern, central and northern Italy at a relaxed pace.
Best Travel Time:

Culture, Wine & Nature: Florence to Rome

9 days – EUR 1,250.00 pp in dbl-room1Firenze, Siena, Todi, Roma
Between two of the world's most beautiful cities see picturesque Tuscany and unspoiled Umbria. Stay at a working winery and a former monastery.
Best Travel Time:

Tuscany Vacation: Wine Lovers' Paradise

11 days – EUR 1,515.00 pp in dbl-room1Firenze, Piombino, Elba, Montepulciano, Siena
Sample world-class wines on this round trip tour from Florence that includes three nights on the island of Elba.
Best Travel Time:

Back-Roads Tuscany

10 days – EUR 1,063.00 pp in dbl-room1Roma, Cetona, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa
Cetona or San Gimignano: Unique, back-road destinations too long overshadowed by Florence, Siena and the Chianti region of Tuscany.
Best Travel Time:


Southern Italy Vacation: From Rome to Sicily

12 days – EUR 1,415.00 pp in dbl-room1Roma, Sorrento, Cilento-Paestum, Tropea, Etna-Taormina, Etna
Travellers looking for a mixture of city life and relaxation will enjoy this tour of southern Italy.
Best Travel Time:

Italy's Forgotten South

13 days – EUR 1,585.00 pp in dbl-room1Napoli, Sorrento, Cilento-Paestum, Tropea, Matera, Fasano, Castel del Monte
A fascinating tour that will take you to a part of Italy wrongly neglected by most tourists, where the country's Greek, Roman and Norman past remain a tangible part of the present.
Best Travel Time:

Mezzogiorno: The Traditional South

14 days – EUR 1,694.00 pp in dbl-room1Roma, Sorrento, Matera, Otranto, Castel del Monte, Peschici, Montecassino
Discover the treasures of southeast Italy on this off-the-beaten-track tour of Apulia.
Best Travel Time:

Southern Paradise: Capri and the Amalfi Coast

13 days – EUR 1,465.00 pp in dbl-room1Napoli, Capri, Sorrento, Matera, Castel del Monte
Get away from it all in sunny Capri and the Amalfi Coast, two of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, if not all of Europe.
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Sicily - Island of Myths

8 days – EUR 788.00 pp in dbl-room1Etna, Siracusa, Valle di Templi-Agrigento, Cefalu-Pettineo, Milazzo
An 8-day tour from Catania that visits the island's most ancient sites and archaeological momuments.
Best Travel Time:

In the Shadow of Mount Etna

10 days – EUR 973.00 pp in dbl-room1Etna, Etna-Taormina, Milazzo, Enna, Siracusa
The trip to Sicily's highest mountain focuses on the island's unspoiled interior.
Best Travel Time:

Lost Worlds: Sicily

12 days – EUR 1,255.00 pp in dbl-room1Palermo, Milazzo, Etna-Taormina, Siracusa, Valle di Templi-Agrigento, Erice
Become immersed in the lost cultures of the ancient Romans and Greeks on this fascinating tour of Sicily.
Best Travel Time:

Climbing Mt. Etna

12 days – EUR 1,520.00 pp in dbl-room1Etna, Enna, Cefalu-Pettineo, Etna-Taormina
A overnight stay on the slopes of an active volcano, followed by an excursion to the smoking craters at the top, is one of the most exciting experiences in Europe. The trip is suitable for anyone in average physical condition.
Best Travel Time:


Sparkling beaches, remote hinterlands: Northern Sardinia

10 days – EUR 849.00 pp in dbl-room1Costa Smeralda, Nuoro, Bosa, Aggius
The second largest island in the Mediterranean is much more sparsely populated than its sister, Sicily, and is thus still able to offer pristine nature. The tour offers fabulous beaches, rugged back country and majestic mountains.
Best Travel Time:

Grand Tour of Sardinia

16 days – EUR 1,285.00 pp in dbl-room1Costa Smeralda, Muravera, Arbatax, Nuoro, Aggius, Bosa, Calasetta
The grand tour of Sardinia covers nearly the entire island from Cagliari to the Emerald Coast.
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France & Italy: From Paris to Rome

17 days – EUR 2,100.88 pp in dbl-room1Paris, Beaune, Venasque, Grand Canyon du Verdon, Vence, Nice, Milan, Venezia, Firenze, Roma
A combination rental car and rail package that connects the most popular destinations in both France and Italy.
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Italy & Switzerland: On the Rooftop of Europe

11 days – EUR 1,415.00 pp in dbl-room1Milan, Lago Maggiore-Ascona, Andermatt, Davos, Bolzano, Garda
An Alpine tour deluxe that will take you through the length of the Alps from Andermatt and Davos in Switzerland to Bolzano in Italy.
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Italy to France: Venice, Florence, Rome & Paris

9 days – EUR 1,438.31 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Paris
See three of Italy's most famous cities, then hop over to Paris to conclude the tour in Europe's romantic cultural capital on the River Seine.
Best Travel Time:

Italy, Switzerland & France: Criss-Crossing the Alps

14 days – EUR 1,990.00 pp in dbl-room1Venezia, Lago Maggiore-Ascona, Zermatt, Lausanne, Beaune, Zurich, Davos, Garda
A round-trip tour from Venice that includes not one but two inspiring Alpine tours on the way from Italy to France and back.
Best Travel Time:

Germany & Italy: Munich to Rome

18 days – EUR 2,186.00 pp in dbl-room1München, Salzburg, Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Siena, Lago Maggiore-Ascona, Konstanz, Füssen
An incredible 15-day tour over the Alps from Germany to Italy with stops in Austria and Switzerland along the way.
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1Prices are per person based on two people sharing a double room, flights not included. Prices may vary by season and due to differences in available services. ¹All tours are sold in euros. Prices indicated in other currencies are for informational purposes only and may vary in accordance with changes in exchange rates.

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