Italy & Switzerland: On the Rooftop of Europe

11 days – EUR 1,415.00 pp in dbl-room1
Lago Maggiore-Ascona, Andermatt, Davos, Bolzano, Garda

While most tours cut through the Alps on a north-south plane, this roundtrip tour from Milan proceeds from west to east through some of the most magnificent mountain landscapes in the world. Stops include Andermatt and Bolzano as well as two of the most beautiful Alpine lakes: Laggo Maggiore and Lake Garda.

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1st day: Lago Maggiore-Ascona

Santa Catharina del Lago Maggiore
Santa Catharina del Lago Maggiore
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Pick-up location: Milan, Airport

Through the Po Valley
Distance: 140 km Travel time: 2:30 h

After passing through the heavily industrial Po Valley you will reach Lago Maggiore near Verbania. From there the route follows the western shore of the lake through sleepy Italian villages hardly touched by tourism to the Swiss border.

Accommodation: A villa near Cannobio

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The Mediterranean-style country villa was built in 2006 in a large park just a 10-minute walk from the lakeshore. The 20 bedrooms, the breakfast buffet and the service all show the same attention to detail. A heated pool with sundeck is located in the manicured garden. Whether you just want to spend a few quiet days or explore the idyllic surroundings of the lake, the villa is an ideal place to stay either way.

Details: Lago Maggiore
In a part of Switzerland renowned for its warmth and Mediterranean light, Lake Maggiore has been attracting visitors for over 100 years. The walks above the lake offer views which remind one of the Côte d'Azur near the heart of Europe, with the Alps as a backdrop. There is everything here: unspoiled nature, spectacular scenery, the best climate in Switzerland, major cultural events, beaches, lakeshores, an early spring, a golden autumn, wine and food specialities, and an infinite number of possibilities for excursions and every kind of leisure activity, from golf to extreme sports like canyoning.
Map: 1st day: Lago Maggiore-Ascona

3rd day: Andermatt

Swiss hospitality near "Devil's Bridge"
Swiss hospitality near "Devil's Bridge"
Unforgettable: A ride on the Furka Steam Train
Unforgettable: A ride on the Furka Steam Train
St. Gotthard Pass
Distance: 120 km Travel time: 2:30 h

The short stretch along the Strada del Gottardo to St. Gotthard Pass will give you an impression of the arduous journey this once was for traders crossing the Alps. The hospice just behind the pass was built in the 14th century and restored in the 19th century. The Gotthard Museum on the same site contains exhibits on the history of the pass, which has been one of the most important trading routes across the Alps since the Middle Ages.

Accommodation: An Alpine hotel near St. Gotthard

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The hotel is situated near the historical DevilBridge on what for centuries was the main trading route across the Alps. Since completion of the Gotthard Road Tunnel in 1980, however, it has grown nearly as quiet in these parts as it was when Goethe stayed in Andermatt on his way to Italy over 200 years ago. The bedrooms in the traditional Swiss hotel are bright and comfortable. Regional Swiss specialities are served in the wood-panelled dining room called the

Details: Andermatt
For many centuries Andermatt was situated at the premier crossroads for both north-south and east-west traffic across the Alps. The ancient Swiss town lies at the centre of four key Alpine passes: the Gotthard Pass to southern Switzerland, the Göscheneralp Pass to north-central Switzerland, the stunning Furka Pass to the Rhone Valley in the west, and the Oberalp Pass to the Rhine Valley. Many gorgeous Alpine drives of various length and difficulty can be taken from Andermatt. A relatively unchallenging yet scenic excursion is the three-pass panoramic drive around the Rhone Glacier, either in your own car or in one of the yellow Post buses. A truly unforgettable experience is a ride on the Furka Steam Train from Realp to Oberwald.
Map: 3rd day: Andermatt

5th day: Davos

Favourite haunt of the rich & famous: A hotel near Davos
Favourite haunt of the rich & famous: A hotel near Davos
A ride up Magic Mountain near Davos
A ride up Magic Mountain near Davos
Along the headwaters of the Rhine
Distance: 150 km Travel time: 3:00 h

The route follows the River Rhine as it begins its long descent into the valley. In the town of Disentis the Benedictine Abbey, founded in 720, is worth a stop. For those wishing to stretch their legs, numerous hiking trails of various length begin at the Abbey. Another interesting town along the route is Chur. Considered the oldest settlement in Switzerland, the 5,000-year-old city has a well-preserved medieval old town.

Accommodation: A designer hotel near Davos

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The hotel high in the Alps near Davos was considered a work of art when it was built in 1938 due its extraordinary blend of Swiss craftsmanship with modern architecture. Discovered by American GIs in WW II, the hotel dubbed "Hollywood on the Rocks" soon became a favourite haunt of celebrities from the world over, including Truman Capote, Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill, Deborah Kerr and John Irving. The bedrooms feature Alpine wooden panelling and ceilings, which lends the rooms a special warm, cosy atmosphere. One of the main attractions is the hotel's superb restaurant, famous far beyond the borders of Switzerland for its gourmet cuisine.

Details: Davos
Located at an elevation of 5,118 feet, Davos is the highest city in Europe. The community with just 10,000 inhabitants registers over 2.1 million visitors a year. The valley was only settled in 1280 - late for European standards - and the area was mainly used to graze cattle. The fortunes of the city began to rise in the 1850s when the mountain air was deemed to be good for tuberculosis sufferers. A sanatorium for lung patients in Davos is the setting of Thomas Mann's famous novel "Magic Mountain". The role of the city as a resort for winter sports began when a toboggan race was held there in 1883. During the summer months, however, Davos is a much quieter place and an excellent base for hiking and sightseeing trips to the surrounding peaks and valleys.
Map: 5th day: Davos

7th day: Bolzano

A medieval castle over Bolzano
A medieval castle over Bolzano
Stelvio Pass
Distance 180 km Travel time: 3:30 h

The panoramic drive along the little-used pass from east to west offers some of the most sensational views in the Alps. On the Swiss side of the route you will pass through a fascinating national park in which nature has been left undisturbed since 1909. Today the Swiss National Park is home to over 5,000 animal species. After crossing the magnificent Stelvio Pass at the foot of Mt. Ortler you will reach Italy.

Accommodation: A romantic castle above Bolzano

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The medieval castle atop a hill near Bolzano dates back to the year 1236. It was acquired by the Dellago family nearly 100 years ago and converted into a luxury hotel and restaurant by the current generation of Dellagos. From this quiet perch atop a hill surrounded by vineyards guests can enjoy wonderful views of Bolzano and Catinaccio. Inside a pleasant atmosphere is created by works of folk art, bright colours and wood furnishings.

Details: Bolzano
The capital of the province of Bolzano-Bozen has a distinctly Austrian flavour. It is situated in a narrow valley which was once the crossroad of several ancient trading routes. While the baroque city centre clearly shows that the region belonged to Austria for centuries, modern Bolzano represents an interesting mixture of German and Italian culture. The landscape is dominated by the fascinating Dolomites, which rise majestically to the east creating bizarre formations. Huddled at the foot of the mountains is Caldaro al Lago. The warmest lake in the Alps is surrounded by vineyards for the production of red wine.
Map: 7th day: Bolzano

9th day: Garda

A captivating view of Lake Garda
A captivating view of Lake Garda
Renaissance fountain: with warm water and Jucuzzi
Renaissance fountain: with warm water and Jucuzzi
Malcesine overlooking Lake Garda
Malcesine overlooking Lake Garda
Along the Western Shore
Distance: 140 km Travel time: 2:30 h

You will leave the main motorway at Trento and take a side road along the idyllic western shore of Lake Garda.

Accommodation: A 15th century manor house

2 Nights, bed & breakfast
The villa is a renovated 15th century manor house set on the green hillside that slopes steeply down to Lake Garda. The sensational views will make your stay unforgettable. The well-appointed rooms contain a delicate blend of works of art and antique furniture. The stone house stands in a magnificent park called "The Garden of the Senses", where both body and mind can relax. The 80,000 square metre park contains lush vegetation, broken here and there by natural water falls and gently shaded paths. A succession of small clearings, fruit tress, ornamental shrubs, flowers and aromatic herb gardens conveys a sense of peace and well-being.

Details: Lake Garda
This is Italy's largest (370 sq. km) and undoubtedly most beautiful lake. The northern end is surrounded by mountains (Mt. Balbo), its southern end by gentle hills. The lake's climate is temperate and its flora is characteristically Mediterranean, a combination that has made it famous and its small Riviera-like towns (Malcesine, Brenzone, Torri del Benaco, Bardolino, Lazise, Peschiera) highly frequented tourist stops since ancient times. There are several natural parks In the region of Peschiera and Castelnuovo del Garda that rank among the most famous in Europe. However, this is also a region of fertile countryside and fine wine that once attracted kings, merchants and cardinals. Recreational activities such as sailing, motor boating and water-skiing are offered.
Map: 9th day: Garda

11th day: Milan

Around the tip of the Alps
Distance: 130 km     Travel time: 1:40 h

This panoramic stretch leads around the southern tip of the Alps. You will soon enter the Milan metropolitan area, where traffic jams are common.
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Fiat Punto 1.3 MJT
Fiat Punto 1.3 MJT
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