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About Umfulana


We have been offering an ever expanding range of tailor-made tours featuring unique lodgings since 1998. The tours are carefully arranged by over 35 staff members at offices in Germany and South Africa.

Our mission statement:

We strive to provide tours that enable our clients to:

  • become acquainted with the local citizens and their culture,
  • discover hidden treasures and
  • come home enriched by their experiences.

Why should you book with Umfulana?

  • Our tours are designed specifically for you – we do not offer group tours.
  • The itinerary is tailored to your interests, time schedule and travel budget.
  • Our staff regularly travel to our destinations themselves so that you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge.
  • Our extraordinary inns range from Scottish castles to Sicilian olive mills.
  • You will receive a detailed itinerary containing information on all destinations, routes and lodgings.
  • All aspects of the tour such as local guides, accommodation and rental cars can be booked from a single source.

The meaning of the name “Umfulana”:

Umfulana is a diminutive of the Zulu word for river and thus means “little river” or “stream”, a literal translation of the last name of one of our company’s founders, Martin Bach (“Bach” is the German word for stream).