What we understand by the term “Tailor-Made Tours”

Travelling with a few friends or family members

Our clients can enjoy experiences missed by members of group tours:

  • A sense of solitude and tranquility in remote locations
  • The freedom to make their own decisions throughout the trip
  • The opportunity to become immersed in the culture of their host country

Unique lodgings

We place great importance on the choice of accommodation – from thatched cottages in the English countryside to medieval castles in the Alps. Some of our lodgings are luxurious, most are small and intimate. All of them are unique. Minimum standard is always a private bathroom.  Very few can be booked through a travel agent. 

Custom tours, no catalogues

Our trips are planned in consultation with our clients to create an itinerary tailored to their time schedule, interests and travel budget. We will be glad to book transportation and guided tours where available. The tour templates shown on our website are intended as suggestions and can - within reason - be adjusted to our clients' interests. 

Enjoying the journey

Our clients do not rush to a single destination, only to spend the next week or two loafing. On our tours, the journey to each destination with time to stop at interesting sights along the way is part of the experience. The joy of discovering hidden treasures is the goal, not simply arriving at a destination.

Booking in advance for peace of mind

We take care of the logistics and organization of the tour so that you can focus on experiencing the beauty and culture of your host country.

No rigid daily schedule

Our itineraries do not normally include a fixed daily schedule. Instead, you can spend several days at each destination with the freedom to choose your own activities. We provide information on places of interest and recommendations for special hikes.

Discovering hidden treasures

Without some guidance you would risk missing many of the hidden treasures each destination has to offer. We therefore strive to ensure that each accommodation is not merely a place to spend the night. Your hosts are your local guides. They will point out unique sites in their region and even take you there or arrange private excursions.

Experiencing the diversity of your destination

From restored 16th century olive mills to French chateaus, our inns and routes are designed to reflect the diversity of your host country.

Who we are

We are a non-group tour operator with offices in Germany and South Africa. We began as a specialist for tours of South Africa in 1998 but gradually extended our program to other countries. As a tour operator with our head office in Germany we have decided to focus on Europe for our English-speaking clientele. Umfulana is a diminutive of the Zulu word for river and thus means “little river” or “stream”, a literal translation of the last name of one of our company’s founders, Martin Bach (“Bach” is the German word for stream).

What we offer

  • A trip planned specifically for you (no group tours)
  • A comprehensive manual tailored to your trip (no general catalogue)
  • Time to travel - We purposely don't offer “We did it all in two weeks.”