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What we understand by the term “individual travel”

Staying with friends

Hospitality is one of the best things that mankind has produced. However, it has always been a rare commodity - even in the age of mass tourism. Our goal is to help you experience true hospitality.

Your accommodation: A network of hospitality

From the bush lodge in Botswana to the castle in South Tyrol: Our houses are as different as the countries we travel to. But almost all of them have one thing in common: they are small and personal. They are often managed by the owners themselves. Our B&Bs and inns, our hotels and lodges are places where one can experience hospitality.

Our travel planning: A friendly service

We plan your trip like a friend who wants to show you his favorite country would do. That's why we design all trips individually. We don’t have a catalog, only travel examples. We draw your attention to something special along the way; to things that are usually not in the travel guide.

Enjoying the journey

For your individual trip we book the most important things: the accommodation, the rental cars and sometimes even some private tours with our local guides. That way all you have to do is enjoy your travels. You will receive a handbook tailored to your trip with all the important details.

Travelling slowly

Our recommendation: Don’t rush to the destination! Avoid motorways if possible! Explore the country on secondary roads! And stay at least two nights in any place! This will give you time for your own discoveries, unforgettable impressions and human encounters.