Photo Album

Here we have compiled some photos from the Umfulana history since 1998 – from the beginnings until today. Of course you don't only see us sitting at our desk, this is mainly the case, but would be boring. Therefore there are also photos of different activities.

1998 first Umfulana office in South Africa: A Garage
1998 first Umfulana office in Kürten: A kid's bedroom
1998 Parsonage with white garage in Hermannsburg South Africa
Think tank garage office Hermannsburg
Customer service à la Martin Bach: Always on the move
2002 Move to an office building in the centre of Kürten
The office conversion is carried out by the employees much to do!
We are proud of our new office!
The opening is on 18.08.2002.
Astrid Bosbach in the back office
Tobias Garstka at the new desk
The long-distance travel department
The Europe Department
Entrance area
2003 Susanne Bonnemann opens the office in Christchurch, NZ
Umfulana Office in New Zealand
Business trip to Australia: Susanne, Brinka and Dennis
2005 Company outing climbing park
2005: In the high rope climbing garden Cologne-Deutz
Umfulana - high up!
2006: First Umfulana Conference in South Africa
Teambuilding: Tug of war in the mud!
We survived!!!
Group photo at Leopard Mountain Lodge
2007: SA and DE team on Schönburg for team development
Solving tasks together
Search, find, trust
Lords and ladies of the castle
Hiking on the Rhine
2008: In front of the new office in Salt Rock
Merwin and Sonja
2010: Off we go to Berlin
Guided tour on the theme of the Berlin Wall
The team in Berlin
In the Wall Museum
In front of the Brandenburg Gate
Holocaust Memorial
2011: The Umfulana House turns up.
Construction is progressing rapidly.
Topping-out ceremony
Almost done!
We're moving to our Umfulana house.
2011 September: We celebrate the opening.
Umfulana: Karlheinz-Stockhausen-Platz 7 in Kürten
Bright and light-flooded
Customer service office
Stefanie, Petra, Jessica and Gabi
Foyer and back office
Foyer and back office
Small garden at the Umfulana House
The Umfulana Sign
2011: Company outing in our own house, cooking class
Mr Berger from the restaurant zur Mühle in action
Cooking together is fun!
2012: World tour in Cologne, Daireen in a Sari
And Darius gets a turban...
In an Asian supermarket in Cologne
2012 Christmas party: Very traditional in a forest hut
Bosses as Santa Claus and Knecht Ruprecht: THE Surprise!
Weiberfastnacht in the Rhineland and at Umfulana
Weiberfastnacht: working with costume, also funny!
2013: 15 years of Umfulana
Congratulations to our bosses!
Umfulana at the photographer
...and the whole German team
2013 Company outing: Hike to the Drachenfels
Always in a good mood
At the Drachenfels
2013 Company outing South Africa office
In KwaZulu-Natal
Barbecue on the terrace of the Umfulana House
Enjoying the sun
...but with cream, please!
2014: Filming in the Umfulana House
With Stefanie and Daireen
And in Sicily for our image film
2014: Umfulana Conference in Namibia
...and the guide explains the wonders of life
You have to find the chameleon first!
On top... Sossusvlei
Namib Rand Nature Reserve
Nambia - Chapeau!
2017: The Umfulana house is extended.
The foyer will also be rebuilt.
The second floor is almost ready.
2017 Company outing: We get to know the Bergisches Land.
2018 Umfulana's birthday: 20 years
We are celebrating on the terrace. the kitchen. the foyer.