Climate Compensation

A flight from North America to Europe emits around 3,000 kg of C02 into the atmosphere per passenger. This equals the total output of CO2 that can be allotted to each human being per year without harming the environment.
In order to compensate for a portion of the emissions caused by flying, we levy a voluntary contribution on every trip that requires travel by air.

With this we support the following projects:

A tree planting campaign in South Africa. The plantations are organised by Wildlands Conservation. The non-governmental organisation (NGO) for the protection of South Africa's biodiversity pursues a proven concept: villagers near Mkuze grow seeds and sell the seedlings to the Wildlands Conservation Trust, which in turn sells them to Umfulana. Instead of money, the villagers receive vouchers for food, clothing, bicycles, stationery and the like. In this way, the village population benefits from the plantations. In addition, training courses are held on topics such as environmental protection and entrepreneurship. The aim of the project is to create lively and sustainable village communities whose livelihoods include environmental protection. Umfulana finances the annual payment of 10,000 trees. Further information can be found at:

The remaining balance is donated to Klima-Kollekte, a non-profit limited company that supports climate projects worldwide, such as the “Solar cooker for Lesotho” project. Further information can be found at