Vienna's premier landmark: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Vienna's premier landmark: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Nostalgic cosmopolitan city with an imperial past

The city on the Danube, which is situated at the crossroads of the transport routes from the Baltic to the Adriatic and from southern Germany to the Great Hungarian Plain, is much more than the capital of Austria. For many centuries Vienna was the center of a powerful empire covering much of southeast Europe, the seat of the powerful Habsburg Monarchy which ruled from the Middle Ages to the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.The city's illustrious past is reflected in its stately palaces and other majestic landmarks along the ring surrounding the old town, such as the Staatsoper (state opera) and the ducal Hofburg. Today Vienna, former capital of the former multinational state, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with a touch of nostalgia for the glorious days of old. It is still the mecca of classical music with the world's largest music conservatory, the most famous concert halls with countless music events each year.

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