Porto Vecchio: Genoese fortress and lively waterfront
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Porto Vecchio

Car-free during summer: Porto-Vecchio

Car-free during summer: Porto-Vecchio

Genoese fortress and lively waterfront

Porto-Vecchio has about 11,000 inhabitants which makes it the third largest town on Corsica and the center of tourism in the island's southeast. It sits on a hill at the inner end of the eight kilometers long Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and consists of the old town, enclosed by a Genuese Fortress, where tourists mingle during summer, and the waterfront around the marina and ferry terminal. Worth seeing is the well preserved citadel with its beautiful city gate Porte Genoise, once the only entrance from the harbor to the old city. With 8,000 hectares the largest cork oak forest of the island is located in Porto-Vecchio's hinterland.

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