Cap Corse

Beautiful views from the “finger” of Corsica

Like a 40 km long and 10 km wide finger, Cap Corse stretches north from the capital town of Bastia. At Monte Stello the ridge reaches an altitude of over 1,300 meters above sea level. Here fishing is more significant than in other parts of Corsica, so during a tour of the Cape one travels through a number of quaint fishing villages, Erbalunga just being one example. The Chapel St-Michel, dating back to the 11th century, stands on craggy rocks and offers magnificent views of the Cape. Further north on the scenic mountain of Col de Ste-Lucie stand the ruins of a tower, in which the philosopher Seneca is said to have been detained for several years. However, the tower dates from the Middle Ages. Near Nonza in the southwest of the cape stands a Genoese watchtower, from where you also have magnificent panoramic views.

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