France Tour: Judy Smith - France - 2007
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France Tour: Judy Smith

Driving wasn't as stressful as we thought

THANKS Jerry...It was awesome!!

Thumbs up definitely for our stay in Saint Chamin. The host was delightful to say the least and we had a whole cast of characters that completed the experience. I felt like Vanessa Redgrave in My Home in Umbria, with lots of characters visiting for holiday. Of course we used that as our measuring stick and expected other hosts to be just as engaging. Although they paled in comparison, they were all very nice. Locations were great. I loved Venasque, mostly for the location. Driving wasn't as stressful as we thought, except for the 2 1/2 hour commute to the beach in Vence and occasionally getting lost. Gorge de Verdon was a must see and I was sorry my husband wasn't along for that I could leave that challenging driving to him. HE would have loved that.

Other than that we ate too much and spent too much, therefore a great trip. Thanks for your assistance. I will definitely recommend Umfulana to others!