France Tour: Jim & Bonnie Huber - France - 2007
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France Tour: Jim & Bonnie Huber

We had one of the most enjoyable trips in France ever

Sorry I have taken so long to let you know how wonderful our trip was in France. We met interesting people, enjoyed great food and had lots and lots of very good wine. We certainly appreciated your help in Beaune. The hotel was great. Very welcoming and they looked after us very nicely. Our room was small but very nicely done. We had no complaints. Our anniversary dinner was fabulous. Highly recommend the restaurant for those who enjoy good food, good service and interesting courses. Le Jardin de Rempants is the name of the restaurant. We would definitely go again.
Jim and I both enjoyed all the different places we stayed. We specially like the hotel in Avignon – they were wonderful and what a great hide-away in the city. We liked the uniqueness of it and each and every one of all the other places. The house in Epernay was also a favourite. As for the Abbey – it was a surprise – unfortunately not a very easy place to get to your room. The people were very nice – but they recognized that the spiral staircase was a problem not only with us – but with much younger clients who had the same concerns as ours. We highly commend you on your quick and caring response to our concerns. Thank you very much.
The car was great. Hassle free pick-up and drop-off. Jim enjoyed driving it. He had fun driving through the Gorge of Verdon. How breathtaking it was to see.
All in all we had one of the most enjoyable trips in France ever. We will certainly be contacting you again.
Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.