France Tour: Audrey Chan Chee May

Many of our hosts were better than a 5 star concierge

Umfulana is fantastic. We loved our trip through France. The B&B's were so well chosen. Each one so different and special. All located off the beaten tracks where you experience France in a more personal manner. All the inns chosen had fantastic hosts who were more than willing to help us in every way. I would say many of our hosts were better than 5 star concierge.
Martin is so professional and efficient. He answered all our questions so quickly and arranged eveything for us perfectly. We really appreciate his patience and all his effort in helping us with all the small details. The detail driving routes and excursion suggestions really helped.
Thank you Martin and the whole Umfulana Team for making our trip to France so very very memorable and special. You guys are truly excellent!! I will definitely recommend Umfulana to all my friends.
Audrey, Andre, Beatrice and Sean