France Tour: Pat and Ron King

Superb lodgings in pleasant locations

Hello Martin,

We have completed our Itinerary and would like to thank you again for your ideas, suggestions, your booking of superb lodgings in pleasant locations, and your assistance on finding train connections between Avignon and Barcelona. Your booking us in Vence as home-base to explore the Riviera was exactly the right thing to do. Trusting you to lay out the itinery has proven again the right action for us. We had a great time in France. Our hotel in Barcelona was absolutely fabulous, in décor, service, and in amenities. It was a good location for a tourist and close to many cafes and tapa restaurants. The web-site you provided us for the train connections to Barcelona was for Brits and Aussies only. We did, however, contact an agent by phone for Rail-Europe in New York that was able to book it that way.
Final note: You were correct in warning us about the French Riveria and steering us toward Vence – it was indeed crowded and hectic. But now we have experienced it. We enjoyed Menton as it was less crowded and less pretentious.
We look forward to our next trip with you.


Ron & Pat