From Paris to Brittany & Normandy: Where France is Frenchest
Chambord: Scene of lively Renaissance festivals
Chambord: Scene of lively Renaissance festivals IMAGE


From Paris to Brittany & Normandy:
Where France is Frenchest

Paris – Loire Valley – Brittany – D – Day beaches of Normandy

14 days | from EUR 1,747.00 pp in dbl-room*

A nature and adventure tour that combines the striking landscapes of the Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy. After three days in Paris this tour heads for the “Frenchest” part of France, the Loire Valley, before continuing on to the scenic western tip of France, where you will explore the magnificent landscapes of Brittany and stop near the famous D-Day beaches of Normandy.

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Day 1 to 3: Paris

A small inn near the Louvre2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

This enchanting little hotel is situated in the heart of Paris, in the shadow of the Louvre. It is so close to St. Germain l'Auxerrois that you can hear the hymns from the former "King's Church" and see the Gothic windows from your bedroom. In the cellar there is an old printing press that was used to print illegal leaflets during the French Revolution. It is said that the reception area was once the Café Momus (a debating club of the revolutionaries) and it was here that Puccini allowed parts of his opera "La Boheme" to be played. Breakfast, true to Parisian custom, is served in your suite. The hotel is air conditioned. Sophie Aulnette has managed the hotel for the past 10 years and personally attends to her guests' comfort. Tickets to local museums and other attractions can be purchased at a shop near the hotel.



Day 3 to 5: Vouvray

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Location: Paris Downtown

From Paris to Vouvray227 km | 3 hours 30 minutes


A Guesthouse on a Wine Estate2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The 18th century winery was thoroughly renovated and converted into a guesthouse in 1996. The property includes a large park containing a heated swimming pool. The rooms are modern but furnished with antique furniture. Breakfast is served in the vaulted cellar with its arched ceilings or in the winter garden with a view of the park. The young hosts are very dedicated to their establishment and have given the place a friendly, cheerful atmosphere.



Day 5 to 7: Saint Fiacre sur Maine

From Vouvray to Saint Fiacre sur Maine241 km | 3 hours


A country house in the wine region Muscadet2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

This tastefully furnished country house is situated in the middle of the vineyards of Muscadet. Thomas emigrated from Germany over 20 years ago to open the inn. After extensive renovation of the over 400 year old house, a successful contrast was created between modern interior design and the rustic building. Breakfast is served on the wooden terrace (weather permitting), with honey and eggs from their own bees and hens and homemade jam for a special treat.



Day 7 to 9: Arzano

From Saint Fiacre sur Maine to Arzano216 km | 3 hours


Chateau de Kerlarec2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast



Day 9 to 11: Vergoncey

From Arzano to Vergoncey428 km | 6 hours


A château near St. Michael2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

This château is a true treasure. Surrounded by a vast park, it sits on the crest of a hill facing a lawn that rolls gently down to a small lake replete with white swans and a little bridge. This handsome stone mansion was built in 1763 but has roots in the 12th century. It has been owned by the same family from the beginning. The charming host, Comte de Roquefeuil, can tell fascinating stories of the châteaucolourful past and the role of his ancestors in various battles. The hotelinteresting interior is impeccably maintained. All of the rooms are decorated with antique furniture and family portraits line the walls. On the ground floor there is a foyer with a sweeping staircase on one side and a cosy library, a billiard room and an elegant dining room on the other. The bedrooms have the same elegant decor and are decorated with family antiques. Mont Saint Michel and the landing beaches of Normandy are nearby.



Day 11 to 13: Subles

From Vergoncey to Subles245 km | 3 hours 30 minutes


An old mill in Subles2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The old water mill of Subles is a hidden paradise in the
hinterland of the Normandy coast. The millstone and the wheel work from the
18th Century are well preserved and artistically integrated into the new
ambience. The same applies to the grounds, where the old ponds and trenches
have been redesigned to be part of a unique park. Madame, the friendly host,
gives good tips for restaurants and day trips. It is ten minutes by car to the
nearest beaches.



Day 13 and 14: Giverny

From Subles to Giverny204 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A family residence1 Night | Bed & Breakfast

In Giverny, a dreamy little town on the Seine, where Claude Monet spent 46 years of his life, is the charming family residence. Surrounded by woods and a garden with over 8,000 apple trees, it offers five rooms, which – like the rest of the house – have been carefully restored by the owners Valerie and Francois. There is a large billiard table by the fireplace and breakfast is served in the wood-panelled lounge. The rural ambience is enhanced by the dogs and donkeys living on the farm and in the garden – a cat is living in the house. As the area is ideal for cycling tours, bicycles can be arranged on request.



Giverny: Monet's Gardens
Monet allegedly claimed that there was nothing he could do besides painting and gardening. His gardens are themselves a work of art and not merely a collection of flower beds. The famous impressionist specifically designed the gardens as a source of inspiration for his paintings. Conversely, he converted images in his head into real arrangements in his park. The painter achieved his dream at great effort and expense: six gardeners were hired to help him implement his ideas. Beds were created that overflow with flowers from early spring to late autumn. Monet skillfully arranged the flowers and plants to provide a full range of carefully coordinated shades of color. Such famous works as the water lily and the Japanese bridge paintings were created in Giverny, where Monet lived from 1883 until his death in 1926. Today his gardens are a living museum open to the public.

Day 14: Paris

From Giverny95 km | 2 hours

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