The biggest sailing event in the world: Kieler Woche

The biggest sailing event in the world: Kieler Woche

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The provincial capital of Schleswig-Holstein is situated on the Kiel Fjord, an inlet that extends 17 kilometers inland. Kiel was founded in the 13th century but was overshadowed by the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Hamburg. Only when the Prussian fleet was moved to Kiel in 1865 did it begin to grow rapidly. Worth seeing is the old market in the old town where one of Germany’s longest shopping miles starts, the Holstein Street. The city is especially important for the ferry-traffic to the Baltic States and Sweden. 

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In a transport basket over the Kiel Canal

Rendsburg has three transport routes: the Kiel Canal, the railway line from Hamburg to Denmark and the road from Rendsburg to Osterrönfeld. The road traffic can be handled without traffic lights or hectic due to the transporter, which commutes regularly over the channel since 1913. The construction is unigque: it consists of a railway bridge, under which a conveyor cage is mounted. It takes four cars and 60 pedestrians 135 meters across the canal in less than two minutes.

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