Wartburg Castle: Where Luther translated the Bible
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Wartburg Castle

Where Luther translated the Bible: Wartburg

Where Luther translated the Bible: Wartburg

Where Luther translated the Bible

Hardly any other castle in Germany is linked to the German history as is this 1000 year old terrain. From 1211-1227 Elizabeth of Thuringia, later proclaimed a saint, lived here in the mighty castle. In 1521/22 the reformer Martin Luther hid here as “Junker Jörg” (young nobleman Jörg) and translated the entire New Testament during this period. Once, when working late into the night by candlelight, the devil is said to have tempted him. Luther threw the ink pot at him and the stain can still be seen in his study today. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed here several times, the first time in 1777. The first Wartburg Festival took place at the castle on 18 October 1817 when the German students’ fraternity met here. (Burschenschaftstreffen = boys/male student fraternity meeting). The second Wartburg Festival was organized in the revolutionary year of 1848. With such history it is not surprising that the castle was considered a national monument as early as the 19th century.

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