Ulm: Student town on the Romantic Road
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On the Danube: Ulm Cathedral

On the Danube: Ulm Cathedral

Student town on the Romantic Road

The lively university town lies on the romantic road between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The pride of Ulm and its most popular attraction is the Cathedral, called Ulm Minster. The fact that the Luthern church is referred to as a “minster” (German: Münster) points to the fact that it is not actually a cathedral, which by definition is the seat of a bishop. This technicality makes little difference to anyone who has had a chance to marvel at this towering Gothic masterpiece. And tower it does: The 530 ft. high steeple is the tallest in the world, beating the twin spires of the famous Cologne Cathedral by about 3 feet. Both churches were begun in the Middle Ages, and both were only completed in the late 19th century (Cologne in 1880, Ulm in 1890). A further – regrettable – similarity to Cologne: Ulm's medieval Old Town was thoroughly destroyed during WW II, leaving few historical buildings standing other than the Cathedral.

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