Small country in the heart of Europe: Luxembourg

Small country in the heart of Europe: Luxembourg

Grand Duchy at the centre of Europe

The Grand Duchy is the last of its kind of once twelve in Europe. Today Luxembourg (from “Lützelburg” = “small castle”) is an independent state, although with only 2,500 square kilometres and just over 500,000 inhabitants it is one of the smallest in the world. This played an important role in the European unification process. Luxembourg is the administrative centre of the European Union, the seat of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and other institutions. The mother tongue of the Luxembourgers is Luxembourgish (“Lëtzebuergesch”), a Mosel-Franconian idiom that was regarded as a purely High German dialect until the 20th century. It was not until 1984 that it became the independent national language and co-official language of the country (alongside French and German).

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Attractions Luxembourg

Luxembourg Switzerland

Mossy canyons, bizzare rocks

The region in the northeast of the Grand Duchy owes its name to the sandstone cliffs formed by erosion. It is particularly popular with climbers and hikers and is part of the German-Luxembourg Nature Park. Centrally located is the Müllerthal, a deeply cut brook landscape with several loops, through which runs the 110 km long Mullerthal Trail. There are also short circular hiking trails. Our hiking suggestion leads to one of the most impressive rocks, the Predigtstuhl, to the castle Beaufort and to the rock labyrinth Raiberhiel. The way back leads through a mossy Roitzbach gorge. (round trip: 20.4 kilometers, 6:30 hours, up and down: 460 meters)

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