Waldshut: Medieval town on the High Rhine

Waldshut: Medieval town on the High Rhine

Medieval town on the Upper Rhine

High above the right bank of the Rhine lies the medieval town, framed by a city wall with two magnificent gates. On the cobblestone streets between the town houses, the 800-year-old past still seems alive: the foundation by the Habsburgs as a “forest town” in the 13th century, the plague and the Jewish pogroms of the 14th century, the marauding mercenaries and guilds, the turmoil of the Reformation and the 30-year war. The facade paintings in Kaiserstraße are particularly beautiful and seem to outdo each other. The 15th century Greiffenegg-Schlössle is also worth a visit.

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Around the Küssaburg

Between Wutach and Rhine to the striking Castle

This easy hike between Wutach and the Rhine leads through the foothills of the Black Forest to the Küssaburg, the striking fortress high above the Rhine Valley. The starting point is in picturesque Tiengen. The way back leads through romantic river valleys.

Umfulana Route:

Rhine bridge Waldshut-Koblenz

Europe's oldest continuously used railway bridge

The 190 m long bridge with its overhead track between Waldshut and Koblenz is the oldest continuously used railway bridge in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1857. The bridge pier on the Swiss side contains an explosive chamber. It was installed when political tensions arose between Switzerland and Prussia and the Prussian army threatened to invade. Today the bridge is at risk again because Deutsche Bahn wants to replace it with a new bridge.

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