Hotzenwald: From poorhouse to hiking paradise


Wehra: Wild and romantic gorge in the Hotzenwald forest

Wehra: Wild and romantic gorge in the Hotzenwald forest

From poorhouse to hiking paradise

After the Hochrheinbahn went into operation in the middle of the 19th century, the region between St. Blasien and the Alb was marginalized. Mining operations and ironworks became unprofitable. What remained were the farmers, charcoal burners and lumberjacks. At this time the name “Hotzenwald” came up. It refers to the simple costume of the poor forest people. “Hotzen” was the name for the men's three-quarter-length pants. Today, the area in the extreme southeast of the Black Forest is a preferred holiday destination. The wild and romantic gorges of the Wehra, Murg and Alb are a paradise for hikers. The south-facing plateaus offer magnificent views over the Hochrhein, the Swiss Jura and the highest peaks of the Alps.

Attractions Hotzenwald

Albschlucht and Hochrhein

Hike with dramatic deep views

The hike leads through a varied landscape along the Albschlucht gorge. The starting point is the town hall in Albbruck am Rhein. The highlight is the St. Peter's pulpit with dramatic views deep into the gorge. (Round trip: 13.1 kilometers, time: 4 hours, up and down 340 meters)

Castle Laufenburg

Turrets, Alleys, Fountains and Staircases

Laufenburg is one of the “four forest towns” on the edge of the Hotzenwald and the German border town to Switzerland. On the Swiss side lies the district of Laufenburg, also known as Grosslaufenburg, which was separated in 1801 by the Peace of Lunéville, while the Baden part is now called Kleinlaufenburg. Since the Middle Ages bridges have connected the two parts of the village. With their narrow alleys and staircases, fountains, towers and gates, both parts of the city are particularly worth seeing.

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Forest nature trail Häusern

About the biocoenoses in the Black Forest

More than 50 display boards inform about the biocoenoses in the mixed forest, among them the bats, the forest mushrooms and the birds in the Upper Black Forest. Anyone can take part in a forest quiz. The trail starts at the Felsenweg. From there it continues across the Scheibenfelsen to the sports field of Häusern. Passing the sports field, we follow the signs. A short detour to the Fuchsfelsen (Fox Rock) is optional. From there you have a wonderful view. Through Goldegasse we return to the starting point. (return: 2 kilometers, 1 hour, up and down: 30 meters)

More Attractions Hotzenwald


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