Rose Gardens Zweibrücken

Rose Gardens Zweibrücken

From royal asylum to a city of roses

Before the French occupation in 1794, the small town in the West Palais was the residence of a mini duchy for almost four centuries. At times, however, Pfalz-Zweibrücken belonged to Sweden, since the Swedish King Charles XII was also the sovereign. The Baroque chateau from 1725, where the Higher Regional Court meets today, and the Fasanerie, a pleasure chateau where he granted “asylum” to his friend, the Polish king Stanislaus, bear witness to his architectural ambition. Unfortunately, the Second World War left little of the city apart from these buildings. There are several big parks however, including “Europe's Rose Garden”, one of the largest parks in Europe with over 50,000 square metres. Over 60,000 roses in 2,000 different varieties can be seen.

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