Between Havel lakes and canals: Prussian residence Potsdam

Between Havel lakes and canals: Prussian residence Potsdam

Prussian residence on the banks of the river Havel

The former residence of the Prussian kings lies southwest of Berlin, nestled between the Havel, various lakes and canals. Potsdam is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its castles and parks, but also because of its important city. Already before the First World War the first big film studio of the world was founded here, the Filmstudio Babelsberg. Even today it is one of the most modern centres of film and television production in Europe. Potsdam has also developed into a European science centre since the middle of the 19th century. Today there are three public universities and more than 30 research institutes in the city.

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Palaces and gardens of Frederick the Great

Castle “Ohne Sorgen” (without worries) is actually an entire ensemble of palaces and gardens dating back to Frederick II. His father had created a kitchen garden: the son then turned it into a terraced vineyard. In 1745 a summer residence was added and two years later the orangery, then a Neptune's Grotto. The master plan for the unique park landscape was drawn up by architect Knobelsdorf, who also tended to the gardens. After Frederick's death the garden was redesigned again. Under Frederick Wilhelm IV, Peter Josef Lenné opened up the whole park with a 2.3-kilometer east-west path linking the Lustgarten (leisure garden), the mill, the Rehgarten and the Charlottenhof. Today there is network of more than 60 kilometers of paths in Sanssouci.

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