Mecklenburg Lake District: Countryside, castles and lakes
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Mecklenburg Lake District

Countryside, castles and lakes: Mecklenburg Lake District

Countryside, castles and lakes: Mecklenburg Lake District

Countryside, castles and lakes

The Mecklenburg Lake District together with the Masurian Lakes belongs to the largest lake areas south of the Baltic Sea. The M├╝ritz is the largest of about 1,000 lakes and the second largest water body in Germany after Lake Constance. The lakes are connected by a variety of rivers, canals and backwaters on which one can navigate from Berlin all the way to Hamburg. The Havel River passes through the Lake District and drains the area before joining the Elbe which flows into the North Sea. After the end of the GDR this area with the lake landscape created during the last ice age became a holiday paradise for water sports enthusiasts, hikers and bird watchers.

Attractions Mecklenburg Lake District


Town in the Mecklenburg Lake District

This town in the Mecklenburg Lake District is the birthplace of Fritz Reuter, a 19th-century poet who write in Low German. The house where he was born is the former town hall, where his father resided as mayor. Today it is a museum devoted to literature. The church and the synagogue are both worth a visit, although the latter now exists only as a ruin.

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