Germany Tour: Rich and Christine Sweet

Dear Jerry,

We truly had a wonderful time on our trip. The hotels you arranged for us were fantastic and the people there were very helpful. The hotel at Neuschwanstein was incredible, the views were unbeatable and the food there was excellent. We usually make a point of eating at different places each night when we travel but we happily ate at the hotel both nights. Things couldn't have gone more smoothly. The GPS in the car was particularly helpful -- even more so once we got it to tell us directions in English.

We went to a lot of wonderful places and saw a lot of great things. While in Berlin we went to the Berlin Zoo, Checkpoint Charlie, and Potsdamer Platz to name a few. While in Munich we visited the Deutches Museum, the quantity and variety there was amazing. We also visited several beautiful churches. The time we spent in F├╝ssen was probably the most unique for us. We have the Green Mountains here in Vermont but they are nothing like seeing the Alps. The hotel there offered incredible views of the mountains and we also took the time to drive around a little to view them. While there we also visited the Neuschwanstein Castle which was an amazing sight in its own right.

We really appreciate the effort you put into our trip given the accelerated time frame. I can honestly say our trip would never have gone as well without your help. If we had made the arrangements ourselves I'm sure we would have spent all of our time in one city instead of having the opportunity to experience so much more.