Germany Tour: Cynthia Apodaca

Dear Jerry,
WOW! What a fantastically beautiful country you live in! It surpassed all my dreams! I'm so glad that it was my first trip to Europe, it was the absolute BEST! You did an awesome job with the car and the HOTELS! They were exactly what I was wanting and the hotel in Pfronten had a view that was priceless. Every hotel went without a hitch, they for the most part knew who we were before we told them our names. Impeccable treatment and the breakfasts were delicious. Didn't realize that the Germans liked smoked fish the way they do! Loved the country, it was so picturesque, just like the books.
Only negative drawback that I would say about the whole trip was the directions, trying to read the signs in Deutsch and getting directions from citizens who spoke no English. We were blessedly upgraded to a car in Cologne that had a GPS. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! Would never recommend anything less! Driving would have been frustrating and loss of a lot of time without it!
The cathedral in Köln is breathtaking, magnificent and beyond words. To see that every day like you do must never get old.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for making my trip to Germany the dream that I had a reality.