Germany Tour: Mike and Diane Blenk

Hi Jerry,

Gut gemacht!

We had a truly great time. Everything went very smoothly. Let me share a couple perspectives.

1) At the Avis counter, the kid on duty looked at our luggage and decided that the Opel convertible that he was going to give us wouldn't work out. So he gave us a Mercedes 180 diesel with automatic transmission. It was great for us, and the bonus was that it had the GPS unit with it... no extra charge. We quickly learned to depend heavily on “Marlene” and “she” was extremely helpful. Only got into trouble twice when there was construction near Fussen and again near Münstertal in the Black Forest and we could not use the road she suggested. I would strongly recommend that you make GPS standard equipment for novices to the area. It may have saved our marriage!

2) The road up to the hotel in Füssen is amazing.... glad I wasn't using stick shift at the time. Similar comment for some of the switchbacks near Munstertal.

3) The accomodations were great. Only in Beilngries did we opt for a bigger room because it would be more quiet. The palace near Frankfurt set a very high standard. It was beautiful! Rothenburg was truly a surprise. Glad that we had the GPS to help find the hotel, as I probably would have shied from driving some of the streets which looked like pedestrian only. The hotel near Munich was a little tight but workable. Can't say enough good things about the hotels in Füssen and the Black Forest. Their locations were wonderful and the rooms comfortable. Finding the hotel in Heidelberg was a challenge. The remote parking was a little awkward but understandable for being in the Altstadt.

4) Cuisine was exceptional and just kept getting better as we went through the trip. We did generally take dinner at the hotels where we stayed. We thought the meals at Füssen, Münstertal and Heidelberg were very good indeed and had more options than the schnitzels & wursts which were predominant in the early part of the trip.

5) We did receive good guidance from our hosts on the attractions in their area. I was very happy, however, to know as much German as I did. It's fair to say that we were mostly off the standard places that American tourists might go and thank you! – we loved it!

Thank you for sending the Lonesome Earth book on Germany.... it was good background. We learned that the autobahn was not so daunting as rumor says.... as long as we stayed out of the way of the real speedsters.

All in all, this trip more than satisfied our hopes. We had a grand time and think very highly of Umfalana and your choice of locations for seeing the country. We would not hesitate to use your services to plan another trip, and we will surely recommend you to our friends. Thank you very much for your efforts and talents.

Mike & Diane Blenk