Germany Tour: James Rickert

Hi Jerry,

We had a great time on our trip. We very much enjoyed Southern Germany.

A few highlights: Very glad we had rented a GPS unit with the car. It was very helpful getting around. All of the accommodations were great. We especially enjoyed the hotel near F├╝ssen. It's location on a remote mountaintop was absolutely amazing, with magnificent views in every direction. We also enjoyed hearing the bells chiming from the cows in the evening off in the distance, we really enjoyed being out in the countryside (we live on a ranch in Northern California, so it was nice to be near the fields). Out of all of the hotel restaurants, we felt this one was the best. I had the elk, and it was really good.

The palace hotel near Frankfurt was also quite nice. The grounds were exquisite. We ate at the hotel here for dinner, and it was very pricey yet good, but not great. It was a classic fine dining experience, but we felt the food at the mountain-top hotel was much better. It was at the end of our trip, and the hotel had a lot of amenities, so it was a great chance for us to slow down, relax, and prepare for our trip home.

We enjoyed the hotel in Rothenburg, due to it's great location. It was very quiet the day we were there, which we had read really gets busy, so it seemed we had the whole town to ourselves.

When arriving into Freiburg, we first were a little shocked at seeing all of the graffiti in the town. We had a bad first impression. After we went to the town and checked into the hotel, we soon realized that Freiburg was a great town, with a lot of history. We especially enjoyed the farmers market.

Heidelberg was also a great town, although very touristy. The hotel was in a great location, although a bit difficult to check into, because it's in a pedestrian area. There was a student protest the day we were there, that was also interesting.

Overall, we had an amazing trip. We are very glad we booked the accommodations through Umfulana. It took a lot of the hassle out of our planning, and letting an expert such as yourself pick the top locations for Southern Germany, I feel was a great idea and really enhanced our experience.

James & Laura
Bella Vista, CA