Germany Tour: Lynore Frew

Hi Jerry:
My sister and I had the most wonderful vacation in Germany thanks to your excellent selection of hotels and itinerary! Each of the five hotels exceeded our expectations as to cleanliness, decor, situation, and friendliness of staff. The locations were perfect for exploration of each of the five areas, and each of the five areas offered a different flavor of Germany: medieval, modern, university, mountain, and palace venues. The breakfasts were also outstanding. German bread is the best I have ever tasted!!! and I don't even like bread! I can't say enough about the excellent accommodations. Being at the top of the Burg Hotel in Fussen in the Burg Tempel was an experience we will never forget...otherworldly. Secondly, I would like to commend you for your thoroughness of our preparation, with extensive information about each venue/location. You were very prompt with replies to my questions, and we truly felt that you were there for any need we might have, and to answer any question. I could tell that you knew these venues well when I first spoke to you, and it showed in the ease with which we were ushered into our prospective hotels. Very smooth.

The Avis rental car, however, did not meet our expectations. Although we were given a Merecedes with a modern GPS, when we went to leave, we realized the car was not an automatic! We had to unpack our luggage, go back into the airport, and wait for 45 minutes while an automatic car with a GPS was located and delivered to Terminal 2. It was a KIA, and the GPS was ancient. It worked through the radio, using the knobs to turn to alphabet letters to spell out information. The window was 1" by 5" and difficult to see. Although we are both computer savvy, and spent time reading the manual, we had difficulty using this. We really didn't even end up using it, and so had some difficulty zeroing in on 3 of the 5 hotels.

All in all, we loved the trip, and it will be a memory of a lifetime for Laurel and me. Saturday night at the Hofbrauhaus, the Night Watchman tour in Rothenberg, the Burg Tempel, Heidelberg from the Konigstuhl, and an evening meal on the patio of Kronburg Palace....a perfect trip.

Thank you for all of your planning and assistance. I would love to use the services of you, or Umfulana in a different country, sometime soon.

Best regards,
Lynore and Laurel