Germany Tour: Rickey McClure

Cobble-stoned Medieval Rothenburg was a fabulous experience. We even happened upon a historical village dance and gun shooting extravaganza which made our stay even more exciting. The Town Crier's Walk was such fun and filled with entertaining “Medieval drama!”
At every turn there was something amazing in Rothenburg. Walking the city walls was quite fascinating -- a very enchanting and unusual village.
The Gasthof Hotel Kloster-Stuble was charming, surrounded with historical ambience, very convenient and a wonderful bonus to have the beautiful Castle Garden adjacent. The view from the back was stunning and the breakfast was excellent.

Munich's character was “big city” but also held its mythical dazzle with its incredible architecture and lively street scenes of truly talented musicians and a variety of other fascinating entertainers. The on-off bus tour we took we highly recommend as a fast way to get your compass of the layout of the city and decide what you want “more of” -- which, for us, was the Olympic Center and the tranquil and quite expansive beautiful English Garden.
The Platzl Hotel Munchen was rather large but well located, nicely appointed, and the personnel were most accommodating and helpful. We accidentally left a tidy sum in the safe which they got back to us at another location which is a Very Big indication of their commitment to guests and certainly relieved quite a bit of anxiety! The breakfast was a banquet and service there also was prompt and very attentive.
It was also quite nice to be so close to the center of “what's going on in town” and the famous Hofbrauhaus is a must for every first-timer and lots of fun.

Okay. Now here we go. Burghotel Auf dem Falkenstein was UNBELIEVABLE. Truly, truly UNBELIEVABLE. We have never been to or seen such an Amazing place. When I say that we ‘wanted to stay’ I don't mean this as just an expression of enjoyment. I actually mean that we ‘wanted to stay.’
It's dumbfounding, spellbinding...there are no adequate words...
Beethoven's Fifth Symphony would be the most appropriate accompaniment to the overwhelming sensations experienced once we reached the top -- suddenly and at once the Entire World is filled with brilliant blue sky and colossal white clouds, clouds, clouds and amazingly their soft, whispy tendrils are brushing you --
-- you're surrounded by the regal majesty of the Alps, and then an incredible absolutely gigantic surreal fairy-tale castle suddenly looms up from another mountain peak -- while in the valley below there are miniature clusters of idyllic villages nestled against the greenest, greenest combed meadows --
-- then the soft tinkle of a cow bell from somewhere in those lush valleys far, far below reminds you that This is actually real.
Your heart feels as if it may burst with the profoundness of this beauty.
And that's just the scenery around Burghotel Auf dem Falkenstein.
Oh, Jerry, there's so much I want to tell you I'll have to pick up the story from this point tomorrow. Nancy