Germany Tour: John P. O\'Neal

The trip was marvelous. It was a trip of a lifetime. Jerry found and suggested places that we would never have found or selected on our own, but looking at the total price vs worrying through each night, it was a managable total and well worth it.

We have special mobility problems, and Jerry was apparently very diligent in having the properties be aware of our problems. In most cases, we were in the closest, most accessible room.

We did have some driving to do on roads that included steep drop-offs and blind curves, and I would suggest that travelers should be warned as there were a couple of places that some might not have been able to drive. Particularly at Falkenburg, there is a light system controlling the one-lane access road, but we now know that if it is even working, no one pays attention. Once we got on top, we never went down other than to leave because we didn't want to have to drive back up!

I would highly recommend these folks for trip planning abroad, and if we go again, we will certainly use them.