Germany Tour: Krishna Menon

On the onset, let me thank Jerry & team for the wonderful holiday.

I started my search for the perfect holiday destination by going through lots of web sites to get info on various destinations. I came across Umfulana & wrote to Jerry a brief with my wish list.

Umfulana responded in a flash & Jerry guided me through the entire procedure of choosing between destinations based on the need that we were planning the holiday for.

I took time on deciding since i had lots of indian holiday companies offering me various lucrative packages. Eventually i decided to go in with Umfulana since they were efficient & had answers to my queries on their toes.

There was an occasion when Jerry had gone out on a holiday and Martin voluntarily took charge of the booking. It was commendable to see Martin take it on from where Jerry had left. Simply Awesome.

I started my trip from Mumbai on the 12th September'09 early morning. I landed in Frankfurt & had my Avis car (arranged by Umfulana) ready for the journey. My first destination was Heidelberg & the hotel booked was Zum Ritter. It was an amazing experience & my wife is still in love with the hotel & destination. We proceeded from there to destinations like Freiburg, Fussen & Venice. The arrangements were phantastic & customized as per the need.

The unique feature that sets Umfulana on an different league compared to other holiday companies is their adapting ability to each holidayer. The customization & the assistance provided during each phase gives you the confidence of getting the best at each destinations.

Here's me wishing Umfulana the very best for future!

I will be availing more & more holidays from them in the years to come!