Germany Tour: Ron Shank

Hi, Jerry,

We were very satisfied with the arrangements for our five-night trip across southern Germany. We enjoyed the hotels and were most impressed with accommodations in Rothenburg and atop the peak near Füssen (driving up the steep single lane in the snow keeps you focused). These locations were special and their kitchens were great. We found the name Umfulana was widely recognized at each hotel.

We squeezed in a side trip to the top of the Zugspritze on Tuesday which took us several hours and a couple hundred kilometers off the planned itinerary, but it was a thrill.

My only criticism would be that the directions were a little vague. We did not use a GPS device. Some detail on distances would be helpful indicating how far to the next turn or destination. We only saw one sign for the Romantic Road. Most times, road numbers (especially in the country entering the Black Forest) were not displayed at all on signage…just the next nearest town which often didn’t show up on our maps at all. We actually made the trek from Garmisch to Munstertal in the dark and it was a challenge…arriving at midnight. Of course, this was entirely our doing and no fault of yours.

The car was a Mercedes A180 and was flawless and new. I quite enjoyed it. The speed of traffic in the left lanes of the autobahn made lane changes to pass exciting.

We would recommend you personally and Umfulana to anyone exploring a trip in Germany. Thank you,

Ron Shank