Germany Tour: Jonathan Koenig

Jerry, the twelve-day trip to Germany was phenomenal. The accommodations you arranged were outstanding and it was a pleasure working with you to set up the trip. You were very flexible and responded immediately to my questions and concerns. And you took time to give me a very informative personal tour of Cologne on the day before Christmas, which I appreciated.

As a first-time traveler in Germany, it was very helpful for me to have someone knowledgeable set up a basic itinerary. But it was also important that I have some freedom to explore and improvise.

In short, I enjoyed building upon the excellent itinerary and recommendations you provided based on my own personal interests. For example, I took a side trip to the Zugspitze en route from Munich to Füssen. Easy to do and LOTS of fun (especially on a sunny day, as it was!). I also enjoyed visiting Maria Laach Abbey while staying in the Rhine region (there is a beautiful nature trail there). And while in Munich I made a pilgrimage to Altotting, which has a most interesting Marian shrine.

Of course, as you predicted, the hotel near Füssen stands out among the accommodations. Tony and Herta were friendly, welcoming hosts and the amenities were superlative. As was the food at the hotel restaurant, which I would describe as “nouveau cuisine with a Bavarian twist.” The Alpine views were breathtaking.... well worth the hair-raising trip up the hotel “driveway.”

Your suggestion to stay at the airport Sheraton on the night before my early departure from Frankfurt was an excellent one, although the place was very sterile and antiseptic compared to all the charming places booked through Umfulana.

My single criticism is not a criticism of Umfulana but of the car rental company (AVIS). Upon arrival in Frankfurt, I was asked if I wanted snow tires for an additional charge of 14 euros per day. As you may know, “all-weather tires” have been standard in the States for many years. Changing over to snow tires in the winter is no longer necessary. It is either different in Europe or AVIS seeks to capitalize on confusion about the issue. At any rate, I said “yes” to the snow tires and I was glad that I did, since we had some snow and ice during my visit. Perhaps all the car rental companies in Germany approach this the same way; in which case the best Umfulana can do is to warn clients who travel in the winter-time to expect a hefty add-on charge.
Other than that, I would rate the trip an A+. It was the trip of a lifetime. I do not ordinarily travel in such style...but I enjoyed every minute and would love to do another trip someday using Umfulana's services.

Best wishes for the new year.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin USA