Germany Tour: William Penry

Nice job in putting together our itinerary. All in all having spent much time in Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, North Africa and Argentina as well as a number of other countries, the consensus among our family is that Germany was the best. We totally loved Oberwesel and the Castle, it was wonderful and the host was very entertaining. We loved the dinners and the ambience and having the top floor tower rooms was a real treat. We rated it 4.5 stars.

Romantische Strasse was nice, but substantially overrated. We much preferred the autobahn but that is because we are Americans I would suppose. We all were disappointed in Rothenburg and in the hotel. It was the least rated in our eyes and the Medieval City of Rothenburg was not so much to our liking. We'd give it a 2 star.

Once in Munich, we found the Germany we wanted to experience. We were all overjoyed with our time there and actually wished we could stay an extra 3 days. The time was enjoyable and the sites were stimulating. The hotel got a full 5 stars in our eyes.

The hotel at F├╝ssen was remarkable, the host, Tony, was affable and perhaps as good a chef as we have ever had serve us. His wife was a bit flaky but in a charming way. The tsotchkes that permeated the inn were not at all what we wanted and despite their being lauded by other tourists who were German, we just could not get in to them. Still Tony's cooking and the eating area with the views were stupendous. We were able to enjoy it only one morning as the rest of the time we could not see anything past the parking lot due to snow and inclement weather. But knowing that we looked down on Germany and Neuschwanstein on one side and Austria on the other was highly rewarding. We all took hikes and I enjoyed the grotto and we all enjoyed the remains of the castle. I am sure with the meals served and the weather cooperating to allow a view down the mountain to the valleys it would have gotten a high rating equal to Oberwesel. By the way, the food at Oberwesel was also excellent but not equal to Tony's. My wife bought 4 pair of the elk hide shoes or slippers as gifts and Tony offered to ship them for us. He is a valuable resource for you, we all recommend him highly. As we do with the host at Oberwesel. Our opinion is that Ludwig was not crazy, he was just a gay decorator in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Next we went to Heidelberg and found heaven. We walked into the hotel and all four of us just smiled at each other as it reminded us so much of home. We just loved the place. I immediately asked and got unanimous approval from the family to ask for a two night extension. This was before we even saw our rooms. They were booked but they made it possible. It is a wonderful place and we loved Heidelberg and ate at some fantastic restaurants (Indian, Italian, Sushi, and Thai). Basically we had no sausage and kraut the entire trip and only the one Bavarian meal in Munich was less than we hoped for. We all feel the meals were extraordinary and better even than the French or Italian cuisines we experienced when we were there. Because of the Icelandic Volcano, we were delayed an extra 4 days. The fourth night at Heidelberg was at 50% off as they had so many cancellations. I will repeat, if we could stay at this place for three months in Germany, we would do so. There was nothing but excellence in every minute we were there.We rate it a 7 star on a 5 star scale.

We all agreed that next time we will not undertake such a large expanse of area. It would have been much better keeping it over a smaller area. We simply spent too much time in the car. And I know we got the benefit of seeing small towns and much of the natural landscape but we would prefer to spend more time in each individual small town or three nights in each city.

All in all, it ended up being a wonderful trip, a wonderful experience and no real complaint. We took a riverboat ride from Oberwesel up to Koblenz and then down to Bingen, and we rented a boat for the four of us on the Nekker in Heidelberg.

Although I suggest next time you should recommend a better car for anyone covering the ground we did. And provide better maps or assistance in getting around. But you took my outline of what we wanted and did a great job. I mean the castles were nice, but the cities even better. Oh by the way, Neuschwanstein was a joke to us. The weather was horrible in that it was rainy, chilly and brittle. But having been to Versaille, to the Biltmore in No Carolina and the mansions of Newport RI, we found it quite tacky. But no complaint, as it is a must see for the first tour of Germany.

I will refer your name and company to any wanting to go to Germany. Be well, Dr Crippen, and thanks again for the effort, we are well pleased.