Germany Tour: Glenn Miller

We (2 adult couples) recently returned from a fantastic trip exploring Germany’s Rhineland. None of us had ever been there before and had only a vague idea of what we wanted to see. But, Jerry Crippen of Umfulana Tailor-Made Tours seemed to know exactly what we wanted and he put together a perfect package for us.

After flying directly from Chicago into Frankfurt, we rented a car at the airport (It was easy!) and drove an hour and a half to the Rhine Valley. Our first stop was in the town of Oberwesel, where we stayed at the Schloss Schoenberg, a magnificent restored castle. This was a fantastic Bed and Breakfast, which had unmatched views of the Rhine, with its great history—and great breakfasts! The town center was really charming, and the churches were filled with art and atmosphere.

With our car we were able to drive up and down the Rhine visiting small towns—Bingen, Boppard, St. Goar, and more. We saw many people bicycling along the Rhine from one town to the next and evidently staying in the small, bike-friendly towns. We’ll have to do that in the future, too! We drove to Koblenz (an hour’s distance) to see an ancestral church. We strolled along the rivers, bought souvenirs, and had iced coffee in the town square.

Next, it was off to Cologne. We could see the majestic cathedral from miles away, and we hoped we’d be staying close by. Our rooms, in a five-star luxury hotel, were only steps away from the cathedral and from the old city. We were able to visit some great sites, a fabulous restaurant or two, museums, and more. The accommodations, location, and taste of a big German city were just perfect after the small Rhineland villages.

Next, it was back into the countryside and to another dramatic castle. We ventured southwest on the Autobahn to the medieval Hotel Burg Colmberg. Once again, we marveled at such desirable accommodations, for we saw lots of elegant German and American couples and honeymooners who must know great spots like this. Next day we struck out for the nearby medieval town of Rothenberg which is the best preserved medieval town in all of Germany. We strolled its shops and cafes and took many pictures of the architecture and charming streets.

Our last night’s stay was in a slightly newer palace, this one built in the 1880s by a daughter of Queen Victoria. This was just outside Frankfurt and was very elegant. We had a great time taking in the beautiful grounds before dinner, and then we hung out with people in the patio restaurant watching World Cup soccer.

Throughout the trip, everyone was very kind to us. The food was superb; the sites were exquisite. Our well-planned itinerary, and connections about where to stay, our drives from day to day, and the side trips we were able to sneak in (a short time in Bonn to see Beethoven’s House, Wurzburg to see the Residenz—a must see!) all were fantastic.

We would whole-heartedly recommend Jerry Crippen of Umfulana Tailor-Made Tours to anyone visiting Europe, and we were indeed lucky to have him doing the planning for us.

Thank You Jerry.