Germany Tour: Margaret Galle

Hello Jerry,

First of all to thank you for the wonderful job you did planning our trip!

Our impression of Germany in general: we all loved it! It was truly a hassle free trip! We go to Europe once a year and have seen most of the European countries with the exception of Scandinavia, Germany and the low countries. Germany was a total surprise! All in a good sense. We were all impressed of how clean the country is, how capable, efficient and respectful people were all around. We felt very safe anywhere we went, the food was great, the weather could have been a little better the latter part of our vacation but it did not matter that much.

Day 1
We all loved this hotel. The location was unbeatable, in the center of the old town and so close to all the attractions. The best really!
We of course were in early after the flight, the hotel staff took and stored our luggage, gave us ideas where to go and explore the old town, they were all the most helpful, courteous and professional.
The rooms were perfect, good size with a wonderful clean bathrooms and comfortable beds. The breakfast was also very good with a lot of delicious choices.
That evening we went to the opera, it was raining and the staff at the desk gave us large umbrellas so it was not a problem. A short walk from the hotel and I was in heaven (I do not know if the rest of my family is as passionate about the opera but the kids were awake and payed attention)

Day 2
We met our guide as scheduled at 10 am. Actually he found us. He was an american student studying to obtain his Master's degree in Munich, his name is Jared. He was excellent! Very knowledgeable, pleasant and accommodating. My husband bombarded him with a lot of historical questions but Jared was able to masterfully answer them all and actually clarify some of the confusing details. Jared was also very excited about what he was talking about and it seemed that he enjoyed taking us around the town. He kindly escorted us to our hotel so that we would not get lost. He was wonderful, I truly recommend him to anyone wishing for a guide. Thank you Jerry and I hope that Jared will have all the luck with his Master's thesis. He was a pleasure!

Day 4
Car pick up. Not a problem at all, we had a Renault with just the right amount of luggage space, if we took more bags, they would not fit. The people at Avis in Munich were most helpful and professional. The car was of course not as fast as the German cars and all my husband kept saying is he wished he had a fast BMW so he could drive as fast I he wanted on the autobahn and smoke Cuban cigars (that is a joke of course).
Your given directions were perfect! So detailed and so precise! No problem at all. We did have a GPS and maps just in case and there was a one time when the road was closed and the GPS took us on a rather beautiful detour.

Füssen: what a surprise! I did not realize how high we would be. I thought I would have a heart attack during the drive up the mountain, I felt we would fall off the cliff and that would be the end! The hotel was great! The owners could not been any nicer, helpful and accommodating. Our room was nice, bathroom was good as well. I especially want to point out that when we missed breakfast (we got up too late) the girls at the hotel said that it would not be a problem at all and they set up a special buffet for us and said that there was nothing to worry about and just enjoy the morning! I will write to the owners to personally thank them for the great stay and the little “extras”, they were really kind.

Day 6
Drive to Constance, no problem; we took a ferry across the lake, it was fun.
The villa was ok. The building itself was interesting with the antiques and many stuffed animals, our room was interesting as well but not comfortable for our family of 4. The location of the place was excellent, right on the lake. It was cold and rainy however and they were shooting a movie blocking off the beautiful walkway around the lake to the center. The city of Constance did not make a great impression on us so we drove to Switzerland for the day actually.
The breakfast at the villa was great!

Day 8
Great hotel, great location, wonderful staff. We had 2 rooms, one quite small. The next morning the small room was exchanged for a large beautiful room so it worked out. The people at the hotel were very nice, helpful and professional. The breakfast was great.
The town of Rothenburg was also a lot of fun. The kids liked it a lot especially the night watchman tour! That guy was so funny!

Day 11
What a great surprise! When we drove next to the hotel, it did not look like anything at all. Once inside, the rooms were so spacious and comfortable. There was a person at the reception actually so it was no problem getting in, our names were already on the doorway. The bathrooms were so modern, spacious and clean. The best part of this hotel was actually the fact that they bring the breakfast into the room or garden at requested hour. How great was that! We were lucky to eat in the garden both days and it was so nice and relaxing just starting the day with good food and atmosphere. I loved, loved, loved this place.
The whole city of Regensburg was fun as well, we could have spent more time here. A lot of good, young energy and of course the romantic Danube!

Day 14
This unfortunately was the low point in the whole trip. The hotel looked nice from the outside but nothing else inside impressed me. The location was not convenient at all (other than for the gardens).

So you see Jerry, we had a wonderful time. Your plan was excellent! The trip was not too fast, not too slow. Each place we went to we said: “This is our favorite place” and it kept getting better. I do not know how to thank you for everything you did! If you were closer, i would bake you a cake or something (just joking). For me personally, being of German descent- Keller; the trip was very emotional as well. I kept seeing the face of my German grandfather and his blue eyes everywhere. It was so good to be there!

We are already thinking of going back to Germany next year, maybe to explore another area more north.
I already know the dates of my 2 weeks off next summer and I definitely will try to go back to Germany with my family so do not be surprised to hear from me in the spring of next year!

Sorry for this long report, I hope you will find it helpful, and if there is anything you have questions about please let me know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Margaret Galle