Germany Tour: Joseph Welborn

Arrived in Berlin on September 26th to the biggest marathon in Germany. Unfortunately, no trams, buses or taxi's were running that day. Had to carry our luggage to the hotel in a soft rain for over a mile. The weather didn't slow us down however, we had a wonderful time and everywhere we stayed the people were so nice and bent over backward to accommodate our every need. The hotel in Cologne had upgraded our room to an executive suite so we felt like we were important guests. The weather wasn't the best, we had only maybe five days of the 12 where it was sunny, but we spent 8 years in Germany so we were aware of the changes. The hotel at F├╝ssen was gorgeous, situated on a mountain. The road was a little intimidating but the view was worth it. Once again, everyone there was great. Would have liked to stay longer, but my husbands says when he wins the lottery we will go for a month. I plan on holding him to his promise. The last stop on our tour was Munich and what a historic place. My husbands two sights not to miss was to tour the Deutsches museum and the Hofbrauhaus, which we did. My choice was the Botanical gardens and what a place. Everywhere we went in Germany there were flowers everywhere. The flowers in the states are done by September, because of the hot, humid and dry conditions. I took lots of pictures, since I belong to two garden clubs. It was truly a trip we will remember for a long time. Thank you Umfulana for your a memorable time.
Joe and Elaine Welborn