Germany Tour: Brenda and Bryan Craven


We absolutely loved Germany! It is a proud nation. The people we met along the way were wonderful – kind, considerate, friendly and respectful. The beer and wine were excellent and the food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. The Black Forest cake we had in Triberg was utterly amazing. Our accommodations were outstanding. Germany truly was a pleasant surprise.

Our travels kept us on the back roads where we discovered many hidden gems. We really couldn’t have done this type of trip without having the GPS with us. It was not possible to read the road signs and we soon discovered that the name of roads could change so quickly. The country side and towns along the way were fantastic. The landscape was stunningly beautiful, so clean and colourful. We have never seen so many brilliant flower displays in towns or homes.

We really enjoyed our time in Germany and wished we could have stayed longer. Before returning back to Canada we went to Paris for 8 days and in hindsight we wished we had retained your services and assistance with that portion of our vacation.

In terms of the accommodations that you arranged we were truly amazed with the variety, the accommodations themselves and the high level of service. The breakfasts were all exceptional…always a large buffet with an amazing variety of foods. There were some differences with the accommodations and without knowing the cost of each of the bed and breakfast it may not be a fair thing to compare them. However here are our comments:

This was the most incredible experience…to stay in a castle. We had a room overlooking the Rhine River and it was so spectacular to watch the lights of the river boats at night. We didn’t realize the spa was also part of the package until the second day because we were not able to read all of the info in the hotel brochure (it was all written in German). We really enjoyed the breakfasts that were located in the dining room which also had a view of the river. We will remember the Schloss Rheinfels for a long time.

This accommodation was equally as impressive as the castle but in a different way. The room was lovely and the large bath and tub was prefect for us. What stood out for us here was the high level of service provided by the Heidelberg Suites staff. They all spoke some English and took extra effort to ensure our expedience was a great one. From bringing the luggage to and from the car for us, providing us with bikes to use during the day and with information on bike travel we felt truly taken care of. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to experience the uphill spa which looked like another beautiful place to be.

One nice touch was that everything (except alcohol) in the mini bar was included in the cost of the accommodation.

What we loved about this accommodation was the fact that we were staying in a B & B that had so much history. Additionally the owner was very helpful and with his assistance we were able to travel to Baden-Baden and enjoy the thermal baths while here. The room although decorated traditionally was a bit small (compared to where we had just come from). Once again we were able to enjoy a lovely breakfast.

Lake Constance
Our room at the Villa overlooked Lake Constance and the Villa was directly accessible to the walking path along the lake. These were two of the things that we liked most about this accommodation. Additionally the woman who greeted us and served us breakfast (we cannot remember her name) was so welcoming and really made us feel like special quests. Here the breakfast was also outstanding and served in a beautiful dining area with and equally beautiful decorated table.

This accommodation seemed quite normal in comparison to the other accommodations thus far. It really was a hotel and we were initially a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t much special about it. It was adequate. What turned out to be special was the woman at the reception counter (an older woman who spoke English) She was so accommodating and helpful to us, friendly etc. When we left our cell phone in the taxi cab she helped us make arrangements to have it returned. We also enjoyed the breakfasts here.

We’ll be working with you and your company again. Thank you Jerry.