Germany Tour: Michael Kuhn


Here is my feedback regarding our recent trip to Germany.

All arrangements were in place and virtually hassle-free. All the hotels recognized my name and had the rooms available to us. Other than the scheduling issue over the city tour in Munich, all the arrangements were exactly as indicated.

Several further notes:

– Rainer in Heidelberg spent far more than the allotted two hours with us – quite a treat! We saw so much more of the city than was expected. He told us more about our hotel (Hirschgasse) than the hotel staff had. He asked me to send you his greetings.

– The Avis clerk at the Frankfurt airport did give us some static over the matter of the voucher. She was initially insistent that we produce a separate voucher just for Avis showing that the rental car was fully paid. I had to convince her – and subsequently her supervisor – that the single voucher containing the rental car and hotel arrangements was all that was needed. In the end, the clerk agreed to accept the voucher you provided. It may be useful in the future to provide your guests a separate rental car voucher to avoid delays at the rental car counter.

– We did have a small difficulty initially with Burghotel Falkenstein. When we called to advise that we would be late (after 6 PM) in arriving, we were told that one of the two rooms was unavailable due to a hotel staff error assigning that room to another guest. We were told that we would need to relocate to a different property “5 minutes away”. We communicated that a different hotel was unacceptable since we had specifically booked Burghotel Falkenstein. However, we were pleased to discover by the time we arrived that there was a second room available – perhaps the nicest room in the hotel, which our daughter enjoyed immensely. In the end, the hotel responded magnificently and our stay at Falkenstein was the highlight of our entire trip.

– The Avis agency at the Munich train station is not, in fact, at the train station but at some distance from the station on a side street. It took us almost 20 minutes to discover this – it is not a widely-known fact nor are there any directional signs. For the record (and for your guests' future use) the Avis agency is in the parking garage located at the intersection of Hirtenstrasse and Lammerstrasse.

– Again, it was disappointing to discover that the city tours of Heidelberg and Munich were not at 10 AM as the itinerary had stated but rather at 2 PM. Perhaps the later time was due to the fact that both tours were on a Sunday. Nevertheless, I would have wished that you had highlighted the change in time when you sent me the final booked tour on 21 June so that we might have planned accordingly. To forego the Munich city tour which cost us approximately 100 Euros was disappointing.

– In sum, we achieved our objective with Umfulana – enjoy a worry-free two-week excursion through southern Germany and Berlin while being treated to first-class boutique accommodations not available to the ordinary U.S. tourist. The process was easy and your advice was sound.

Thanks again for all your help. I have recommended your company already to several of my colleagues who are contemplating travel to Germany.