Germany Tour: Vaughn Teegarden

I can't say enough about the fine tour arranged by Umfulana. The lodgings exceeded our expectations in every respect. The hosts and staff of each lodging were caring and successfully did their very best to make our stay pleasant. Each place had a unique character of it's own and many were located in the most gorgeous setting imaginable. Others were conveniently located to the sights and shopping of the area.

We were treated to a very nice slice of Southern Germany and all the variety that the area encompasses. Many times we ignored the instructions from the GPS and headed for a place out in the country, Knowing that the GPS would get us where we were going when it was necessary. By so doing we drove through beautiful countrysides and exceptionally pretty villages.

Germany is truly a country of flower boxes and well kept homes. The people in these out of the way places are friendly and helpful. And “Oboy” is all I can say about the fine food and drink. I could fill a book with all the pleasant and exciting memories of our tour, but instead I will just say:

Thank you Umfulana for a very fine trip!