Germany Tour: Janet Adler

We loved our trip to Germany and everything went smoothly thanks to our GPS (and Umfulana, of course). The GPS made travel between cities very easy and finding our hotels was a breeze (and it possibly saved a marriage:-). My favorite was the Schoonburg Castle in Oberwesel overlooking the Rhine, followed closely by the Heidelberg Suites with a view of the Old Town, the Neckar River and the Heidelberg Castle. My least favorite was the Hotel Carmen in Munich. My only suggestion is that any English speaking tourists traveling to the Burghotel Falkenstein be forwarned about the one-way road leading up to the hotel. We couldn't read the signs at the bottom of the mountain, and I actually don't know if we drove up when the light was green or red!! We didn't find out until later that travel down the mountain is on the hour, and travel up the mountain is on the half-hour.

The weather was great, our itinerary was wonderful and we definitely will call Umfulana if we decide to take another tour.