Germany Tour: Nancy Sestak

This is Nancy Sestak. Erik and I just got back from our Bavaian vacation and I wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for putting together a wonderful trip. Everything went along seamlessly. On top of it we had near perfect weather.
Hotel Falkenstein was by far our absolute favorite in every way, but all of the hotels were cozy, friendly and simply excellent.
Seeing the castles and the alps were the big thrills (I had read Ludwig's biography to prep for the trip). We did some unforgettable hiking in Garmish, but we were really excited to be staying in the sleepier town of Grainau. It was very low tourist season all around which was delightful.
We had lots and lots of good food and cheese and meat and of course beer.

-Nancy Sestak
PS – right before we left, we purchased a GPS and I will admit that that device made our driving vacation MUCH easier. I love a map, but the GPS was so precise that I am now a big fan of them.