Germany Tour: Elbert Lee Schroader

We had a wonderful trip! We appreciated the fact that we could travel at our own speed and had accomodations waiting for us at the next city. The Autobahn was crazy, but if you keep at a reasonable speed and let the racing cars pass, you do all right! The road leading to the Pfronten hotel was not for the faint of heart, but we did it, and have bragged about it to our family and friends! The meals were a bit expensive but delicious in that hotel.

We had an unfortunate experience in the Schloss Hotel in Kromberg in that we had wanted to have dinner at the palace, but were not told we needed reservations. When we approached the dining room, we were told they were booked. We had arrived in the morning, so that would have given them sufficient time to tell us we needed reservations that evening. We were seated in another area, however, and the food was good.

All in all, we would definitely recommend and use Umfulana! The tailor-made tour was exactly what we were looking for!