Germany Tour: Robbi Hyland

Great trip! Thanks for your help, we had no problems all week.

Just a few notes:

Burghotel – best of our trip! View was just amazing!

Hohenzollern Castle – Our favorite castle

Ludwigsburg Palace – Our favorite tour

Rothenburg – Wonderful town

Dachau – spent 4 hours there (we were surprised that we did not hear a single word mentioned about World War II during our entire trip except at Dachau).

Castle Road and Romantik road – enjoyed the scenery (could not believe all of the apple trees, and we may need to bring our bikes and do a bike tour next time).

Autoban – got stuck in multiple traffic jams.

GPS in the car – wouldn't do the trip without it, made the drive effortless.

Thanks again, quite possibly our best trip ever!