Germany Tour: George Harris

I'm amazed how you planned a 17 day self-drive tour for us without a hitch.

Martin, I can't thank you enough for the tremendous job you did in setting up and booking our tour of Bavaria, Salzburg and Switzerland. It seemed that at each stop on our journey the hotels got better.

I'm amazed how you planned a 17 day self-drive tour for us without a hitch. It was an absolutely perfect trip. The hotels and their staffs could not have been any friendlier or more outgoing.

As I had requested due to reading other's reviews you booked me at the Falkenstein Hotel in Pfronten and it was just breath taking and totally incredible. The staff there was probably the best of our whole trip.

We were also plesantly surprised being put up in the Zum Ritter Hotel in Heidelberg. Couldn't be a better location in all of Heidelberg not to mention the history of the hotel. We had a especially wonderful meal there which was made so much better due to the waiter, Mr. Unger. He was a “trip”.

Speaking of location, how about the Hotel Markusturm in Rothenburg. Another Gem.

Then there was the cherry on top when you booked us at the Schonburg Castle for our last night. Wow!!! My wife and I both said at the same time, “It dosen't get any better than this?”

When we pulled into Garmish it was around 9:00PM and we couldn't see anything. I was explaining to my wife, “wait until you get up in the morning to see how beautiful it is here.”

Little did I know that when she opened the curtins in the morning she let out a “Yelp” as we looked right out at the gorgeous mountains and Zugspitz.

Again I thank you for such a remarkable job. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Please feel free to give out my email address to any furture clients who would like to speak with someone who used your wonderful service.

George and Joann Harris

Philadelphia, PA