Germany Tour: Jojo Rudy

Dear Martin,

We had a great time on our trip. All the accommodations you chose for us were top rate.

We loved how close The Dom Hotel was to the cathedral and most everything else. When you said we would need to drive in a pedestrian lane to get to the hotel, we did not realize that it would be right on the cathedral grounds.

Our favorite accommodations, of course, was the Burghotel auf Schonburg . It was the perfect castle stay experience. The rooms were very tastefully appointed and clean and the views of the Rhine spectacular. The dinner was great too, a true gourmand experience,

Thank you for suggesting the Creglingen stop at Herrgottkirche. Reimensneider's altarpiece here is a masterpiece. We love Rothenburg and it is mostly due to the hospitality of owner Stefan Berger at the Ronantik Hotel Markustum. We felt we were staying in someone's family home. Y

ou had originally wanted us to stay at Zum Ritter right in the center of Heidelberg but we chose Schloss Hirchshorn. This gave us the unique experience of driving on the winding roads of the Odenwald Hills and the peace and quiet of the Neckar river and valley in that particular area. Again the views were breathtaking. Being, a group of seniors, given the choice we would have preferred to stay in the main building which had an elevator rather than the marstall. The chef of Schloss Hirchshorn is very talented. We received excellent service at all these hotels. The staff at each one were friendly and accommodating.

Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. My group and I all agreed that we would use your services again should the opportunity arise and will highly recommend your company. I also have a travel blog and would for sure give you and your company a positive review.

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