Germany Tour: Cindy Reifsnyder

Martin and Staff helped my husband and I plan our 14 day driving tour of Germany including 3 days in Salzburg. We had some very specific things we wanted to see and every hotel was located perfectly to allow us to easily accomplish our goals.

We arrived in Frankfurt and spent a week ambling our way through southern Germany to Salzburg and ending with 6 days in Munich. We turned in our rental car in Munich because the public transportation system is so wonderful that a car would have been a nuisance.

Martin and his staff saw to it that every part of our trip went off without a hitch. Hotels all recognized us with a smile and a lovely room.

I even emailed Martin when I was unable to get tickets to tour the BMW plant in Munich and he made an effort on his part to get us tickets. It didn't work out because they were booked so far in advance but he made the effort!

Where are we going next year, Martin??? Umfulana will be our go-to company for our next trip to Europe!

Cindy Reifsnyder & Dale Dombach, (Pennsylvania)